Quick Updates

Since I’m at work on my birthday I think it only fair to use this time to create a short blog entry. And when I say short, I mean short. At least, that’s what I’m shooting for.

Shore Leave starts this Friday. Between now and then I’ve got to finish my dress, Maggie’s dress, two wigs (possibly just one) and paint everything – except the mask, that is. Neither Maggie nor I were able to find gray toe socks, so we’ll probably just have to settle for gray tights worn with our sandals. I’ll be okay with that.

Maggie’s dress is actually pretty close to being done, at least sewing-wise. I’ve got to add the hula hoop on the bottom hem, and tuck and sew the top half of the dress into the skirt, but I need her to actually be wearing the piece in order to do that. I also need to construct a new yoke for the top of the dress – again, something I need to do when she’s actually got it on.

Mine is pretty much at the same level of completion at the moment. I’ve got to sew the belt onto the skirt half of my dress, but I think the top is pretty much done. Since I’ve got a dress form that is pretty close to my size at home, I should be able to figure out the fitting for the two pieces fairly easily.

I think tomorrow is going to be dedicated solely to wig construction. I’m off on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and only have one alumni interview scheduled for the afternoon tomorrow, so I will be able to focus on sewing and gluing and so on and sew forth (haha! puns!).

The thing I’m actually most worried about in regards to my costume is the painting. I find myself desperately hoping that the paint will not only adhere to the fabric, but that it will be the proper shade. I’m mainly concerned with matching the look of the mask. Also, I’m worried that some of the paint will make the fabric too stiff to fall into the folds that I need it to.

We’ll see.

I plan on taking some pictures tonight and tomorrow, as I work through the costumes. Cross your fingers!


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