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I returned from Shore Leave on Sunday afternoon. I had a fun, busy weekend and I even started writing the new con report blog in the car on the way home from Timonium. However, I left the little booklet with my notes in my camera bag yesterday, so the official report will have to wait.

Instead, I bring you a question I received in a message from a new acquaintence earlier today. When they learned that I wear costumes to conventions they asked: if I could dress as any sci-fi character (animated or not), which one would I choose, and what character do I think I could pull off the best?

Well, for those of you who have been reading this from the beginning I’ve kind talked about this before – in regards to the list that is pinned to my bulletin board. However, while each of those items on the list is something that I plan to do (and obviously have some connection to, as far as costume choices go), I think this question is actually a little more inclusive. Which character would I dress as? If I could choose anyone? Hmmm…well, again, there follows a list. Although I don’t play Resident Evil, I want to make a Rebecca Chambers costume (the original green and white one…not the one with the red tank top or the one that looks like Daisy Duke). I’d like to dress as Padme (pre-pregnancy). There are a couple of her costumes from Episodes I and II that I like (Coruscant gray kimono-like dress, Parade dress, Indigo Senate Gown, picnic gown). Of course there are a couple of Jedi costumes I like (Jocasta Nu – the archive, Luminara Unduli). I would absolutely LOVE to do this costume from Stargate SG1 (“Emancipation” Season 1, Episode 3). Thanks to Gateworld and their section of screenshots I’ve finally managed to get a couple of pictures of the dress, but most of the pictures tend to cut off at a certain point.

As for the characters I could pull off…I think the closest to my normal look is Velma. I’ve actually done that costume before for Halloween, albeit without the knee socks. I had a devil of a time finding bright orange knee socks to go with my shoes. I just found some at 5 Below a few weeks ago, though, and I’m now in the process of remaking my Velma costume. I’ve still got the skirt and the shoes from before, but the shirt needs to be remade.

I was directed to an anime character database by the afore-mentioned acquaintence. It’s not terribly helpful if you’re fairly poorly versed in anime and manga (which I am), but it does provide a couple of ideas. You basically type in certain characteristics – male/female, hair color, eye color, that sort of thing – and it pops up with a couple of recommended character choices. If only they did similar things with sci-fi and fantasy characters. You could just type in a couple of features that you have and up comes a list of folks that you can dress as without altering your appearance too much. So far, this is the closest I’ve managed to come to something I could possibly pull off. I’ve actually got a lab coat already – left over from when I used to work at a doctor’s office. I’m not sure how the sea foam green will look against my skin, though. And I’d much rather know what the character is from and who she is, but I haven’t been able to find out much about her apart from the fact that her name seems to be Furoku Tsukumo. Anybody here able to give me any other information?

If you’re interested in looking up your own possible anime-based cosplay costumes, I suggest you check out the site:

I’ve already done a Toad costume and, while the initial costume had a lot of problems, it was a pretty good “first draft” of a character I had wanted to make a costume of for a while. I’ve recently acquired materials to make a newer, much more comfortable version of the Toad costume. Gotta love foam.

In other news, I finally acquired an important piece for another costume while on a trip to the National Museum of Natural History yesterday. It doesn’t look exactly like this, but this is to give you an idea:

Some people go to the museum to learn new things and expand their understanding of the universe. I go to pick up supplies for a giant puppet hat.


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