I can hear the bells….

A friend of mine has been in a serious relationship for several years now. We’ve all discussed the “what ifs” and “howsaboutsits” of her future wedding, as it just seemed inevitable that the relationship would lead there. I’m not clear, anymore, whose idea it was to propose that I make the wedding dress. I’m pretty sure it was Mel’s decision. Regardless of who first broached the idea, it was soon accepted as an inevitable fact that Mag and I would be in charge of the dressification (I’m going to say that’s a word despite the fact that I’m sure it’s not) of Mel for her wedding day. Unfortunately, her boyfriend (another friend of mine) has also stated that we would be in charge of making his suit. He wanted one made entirely of leather. Leather pants, leather jacket, and leather tie. I was always unclear about if he wanted a leather shirt to go along with everything.

Up until this point it was all theoretical. It was simply a possibility.

It is a possibility no more.

A few weeks ago Mel and Patrick got engaged. Like the rest of the folks in our social circle I was absolutely thrilled. So happy, in fact, that I cried. And I don’t cry easily, folks. Mel has kept true to her original plan of having me do the wedding dress. We had looked through a couple of bridal magazines about a year ago, for fun, so I know the general style she likes. At the moment the plan is to spend about a week with her up in Pittsburgh, figuring out what she likes and what she doesn’t, looking at fabric, and generally being giddy and girly.

Part of me is extremely excited. I mean…how many times in your life do you get to make a wedding dress. Unless you’re in the wedding dress business, of course. I get to play with fabric and make something special.

Of course, that’s also what terrifies me. It’s a momentous project. It’s got to be perfect. It’s got to hold up to the ceremony, trekking all over for the wedding photos, dancing the Electric Slide at the reception…

I honestly think that it’s far beyond my present skill level but Mel seems to have faith in me. I will definitely be making a mock-up of the dress in not-as-expensive fabric.

I should probably clarify at this point that I will not be doing a leather suit. In fact, I was driving with Maggie after discussing Mel’s upcoming nuptuals and stated, out of nowhere, “I am not making a leather suit!” I’ve worked with leather before but it is definitely not my favorite choice of materials. It’s expensive, it takes a lot to make a “normal” outfit, it’s hard to sew on a machine, and it’s unforgiving. If you pick out a seam that you’ve made on regular fabric it’s pretty easy to “erase” the holes. Not so on leather. Once you’ve poked a hole in leather it’s there to stay.

I’ve since broken the news to Patrick that I won’t be making him a leather suit. He tried to convince me to do corduroy or make him an 18th century frock coat. I don’t know why he’s so set on me making his clothes for the wedding. It would be much more cost efficient to just go out and find the pieces he would wear.

The date for the wedding has yet to be decided upon. We haven’t figured out when to get together to talk wedding dress decisions, either, but I hope it’s soon. I want to get started on something.


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