Updates from the land of projects

First things first, I apologize for not posting a new entry sooner. I have been ill for the past week and, while that means I’ve had plenty of time on my hands as I sit at home and wheeze, I haven’t felt like doing much with said time other than…well, sit at home and wheeze.

And watch television. I admit I’ve been doing a lot of that, too. But, since I tend to pull most of my costumes from film and tv I can consider that “research” if I really want to. In fact, I did finally happen to see City of Ember and I absolutely loved it so you might expect to see that kind of design aesthetic creep into my work in the weeks and months to come.

So…seeing as I should be asleep right now and so obviously am not I am just putting up a quick update with a list of projects to come/recently finished.

I played with fabric last night while watching the season premiere of Ghost Hunters. I had an extremely long, oddly shaped remnant from when I made a dress for my sister. There was enough fabric that I’d consider it a waste if I just threw it out, but not enough to really be able to cut out any kind of pattern that I already had. So I decided to play. I hauled my dress form out of the corner and just started draping and tucking and pinning. The only rule I really had while doing the whole thing was that I couldn’t cut the fabric up further. Imagine one continuous orange peel simply reshaped into something other than a sphere. That’s kind of what I was thinking.

I took a couple of pictures of the original draping with my cell phone (I promise to post those later) and quickly sewed the layers together. I ended up having to re-think what I had originally come up with for the right shoulder but I kind of like what I ended up with. Not sure if I’ll ever actually wear it out anywhere, but we’ll see. At the very least it was fun to make something out of what was basically nothing and not have to work towards a strictly defined look or finish within a specific amount of time. I just got to have a bit of fun with fabric.

Dragon Con is in two weeks…I think. There’s a nice mix of fear and anticipation currently tossing about in my stomach. Maggie and I will again be entering ourselves in the masquerade. We’re retooling our Potter Puppet Pal costumes – new skit, new props, new choreography. I need to make a fan, a mask for Harry, and find/make some red shoes big enough to be seen on stage. Also, my head has collapsed a wee bit and needs to be re-built. Translation: I need to rustle up some new wire coat hangers to take apart.

Mom is fixing my Molly Weasley sleeves so I can wear them without the assistance of a crane to hold up the ends. They kind of looked like flamenco sleeves, if you can picture what those would be, and weighed the rest of the sweater down. Other than the sleeves, everything is ready to go for Molly Weasley. Thank goodness for my amazing mother, who can probably crochet in her sleep.

The Jedi jammies will most likely be making the trip, as they are complete and comfy and get so many damned compliments. I’m pulling out the skirt, shoes and newly acquired orange knee socks for my Velma costume as well. I’ve got some orange fabric and will attempt to make a new shirt for the costume. It’s a slightly different color than the knee socks, but I don’t think it’ll really matter as the shoes and skirt are two different shades of red anyway. I think the shirt’s shade of orange looks better against my skin than the road cone orange of the knee socks, anyway.

Since this will be the third time we’ve entered a Masquerade I’m starting to feel like an old hand in regards to certain things. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to wear an elaborate costume on the day of the masquerade. I’ve worn the Jedi costume for the majority of the day for both of the other competitions and – while it’s comfortable – there are just too many parts that make up the costume. I want something that I can just put the Potter Puppet Pal over top without too much worry. For that reason, I’m planning to go zombie on Saturday at Dragon Con.

Now, you might think that, since I’ve actually dressed as a zombie before it wouldn’t take much effort to get everything ready for a second go-around. Wrong. I’d actually gotten rid of the jeans and shirt I wore the last time. While I’d put a lot of effort into distressing them I just couldn’t wear them anymore. They were too big to be comfortable (yay for starting to lose weight!).

I’ve gotten rid of all my old pants already, so I don’t have any pairs that fit that I’d be comfortable completely ripping apart. I also don’t really have a shirt that would work at the moment. So, for now, the plan is to make a trip out to my favorite local thrift shop…Unique. ::sigh:: I love that place. I’m really hoping to find a shirt that references organ donation, as I think it’d be hilarious to see on a zombie, but I’m sure that’ll be a lost cause.

All in all, not too much that needs to be done before the con. Mainly little touch-ups, which is nice considering my being ill and poorly motivated to do much of anything besides breathing.

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