Purple Quilt – Check!

This is why I rarely quilt on a machine. Could you imagine if this was a king size?

I finished the last little bit on Joey’s quilt tonight. I decided just to wrap a little of the backing up around the front to finish it rather than sewing on additional binding. It added a thin border of unbleached muslin around the edge of the quilt that I think helps define the black borders of the quilt.

It’s definitely not the nicest looking quilt I’ve ever made. As I’ve already mentioned, I never really measured anything while I was putting the thing together. There are points on the quilt where the quilt top folded over a few millimeters and places where the backing got a little buggered up.

“Perfection” isn’t what I was aiming for, though. Sentiment is. I’m happy with

The top of the quilt gets folded to the inside, to add to the suspense on Christmas morning

the way the quilt ended up because I know Joey is going to be really excited about seeing the pieces he chose in his Christmas present. He’s not going to be going over the quilt, pointing out all the places where the stitching could be better. Nor is he going to be paying attention to crooked lines. He’s just going to be enjoying a warm purple-and-gold-and-black quilt to go with the purple curtains in his room.

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