These boots were made for walking...and generally mucking about in the shallows while retrieving camera equipment that has decided to fling itself over the edge of a retaining wall.

Woo-ee. Vacation sure can do wonders for a person.

That’s right, folks, the reason there’s been absolutely nothing going on here for the past…oh, let’s say week and a half, is because I was off on vacation. And I’m not talking about the kind of vacation I usually take to conventions or festivals which, let’s face it, in the terms of keeping this blog updated could be considered – in a small way – to be work. Fun work, of course, but still sort of business related. Well, if this blog were an actual business enterprise. But I’m getting off topic. As usual.

This was my first non-festival/con-related vacation in a while. Maggie and I took a little trip down south to sunny (and unseasonably cold) Florida. The original plan was to stay with her grandmother, who lives in a large retirement community called The Villages. This thing is so big it’s actually on a map of Florida. It takes up three counties.

Of course, as so often is the case, our plans changed at the last minute. Instead of spending our days lounging by a pool or gallavanting on a golf cart, we spent a large chunk of our time camping in Ocala National Forest. The weather was below freezing on most evenings (down to 18 degrees on one night) and warmed up to a more tolerable temperature during the days. There were deer and wild turkey sightings, a slight run-in with a buzzard (Maggie), a day of illness (Me) and a late evening incident with a bear. Maggie’s grandmother showed up near the end of our vacation – a whirlwind of energy – and we ended up bedding down at her house for two nights.

Quite honestly, a part of me didn’t want to come back to Northern Virginia. And not just because it was finally starting to get back up into the 70s in Florida. I was just having such a lovely time and I didn’t want to think about coming back to colder weather, working odd hours and desperately trying to finish a thesis while looking for my first full-time job in years. I’m convinced I could have found something in Florida. Preferably in the absolutely beautiful St. Augustine.

But, alas, the vacation has ended. I’m back in Northern VA with just a few dollars to my name and much recharged. It’s rare that I get the chance to “get away from it all” and that’s what this trip kind of turned out to be. Although a part of me still kind of feels on vacation, I think I’ve returned a bit more focused than I’ve been lately. With luck, you’ll see more of that focus here.

I’ve got a couple of wonderfully fun things planned, costume and blog-wise. Maggie suggested an entry that, in all honesty, I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t think to do. I’ve got those interviews from DragonCon that I promised so long ago. I’ve got new projects in various stages of planning and execution. All of these things are dancing about on the horizon (and on my work table) and I look forward to bringing them to you.

Oh yeah…

…and there’s an extra special surprise in the works. More on that later. 🙂

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