Long Way to Skate

And now, a shameless plug to support a good cause. This one’s not sewing, convention or geekdom related but it’s an important post. My friend Tristan is gearing up for a cross-country trip on a longboard (think a really big skateboard) in an effort to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and funds for research towards a cure. He’s going to be hitting a couple of really cool locations along the way, talking to folks about MS, and sharing videos, pictures and stories about the whole experience on his own blog, Long Way To Skate.

Here’s the thing: He needs followers and visits to his blog. He’s trying to get sponsors to help raise money for research and one of the things they look at is traffic on a site. I know this blog doesn’t have many regular readers and only one actual subscriber, but I figure every little bit of press Tristan can get for this project will help.

Please check out his blog regularly. Follow it if you can. Leave an encouraging comment and let him know that you support what he’s doing.


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