Snowpocalypse Now (and Happy Belated Birthday)

I wrestled with so many possible titles for this entry: SnowMG (which I discarded simply on the principle that I hate text-speech to begin with). Snowtorious B.I.G. Snowmaggedon. Send in the Plows. The list goes on. As you might have guessed from the title we’ve been hit once again by the fluffy whiteness otherwise known as snow. The entire Mid-Atlantic region has been dealing with double-digit snow that started falling around 10am yesterday. I was still at work when it started snowing but it didn’t really start to stick much until around 3pm. When I left work at 2 it was still mainly slush.

The front steps, about 20 minutes after I shoveled them. See those footsteps? Those are mine, coming back from shoveling a path out to the van in order to retrieve my winter boots.

Not so now. At our last measurement – around 6pm – we had 24 inches of snow out on the driveway. And it’s been snowing since then. I’m kind of afraid to go out tomorrow and see what the final count is. A friend of mine, who lives out in Centreville, has 28 inches on his back porch.

28 inches folks. That’s the length of my inseam.

If I were over at his house I would be unable to walk, as I’d be unable to lift my leg over the snow to take a step forward.

So…what do you do when you’re stuck inside all day in the middle of a snowstorm? Well, if you have a sewing machine and have a convention coming up, you work on the costumes you really need to finish. I managed to make it out to WalMart on Thursday after work. If you’ll remember, my Popple fabric went missing after my brother moved a bunch of stuff around in the basement. Although it’s bound to show up again at some point there was no guarantee that I’d be able to find it in time to finish the costume for Farpoint. I just had to hope that I’d be able to find the same fabric back in the craft section of WalMart. Of course, the stuff I had purchased came from the discount section so it was very possible that someone had picked it up in the two weeks between visits.

It took a bit of looking but eventually I found the same bolt of blue robe material I had purchased before. I’ve now finished the back pouch, the hands and part of the head. I should be able to do the rest of the head tonight, as well as the feet and the tail bob, and then put everything together tomorrow. My big goal for the weekend is to have it done tomorrow afternoon and get some pictures posted. ::cross fingers::

I’ve also started draping the new Blink Angel dress. Work on the mask has stalled until I can get out to the craft store and buy more Paperclay…a condition that hinges on being able to get out of my driveway and over to Fairfax. I don’t see that happening before Tuesday.

In other news…

Nerf Gun Bobbins is now a year old!

::blows noise-maker and throws confetti::

The actual birthday was Thursday, February 4th but I was working and

Why is there a picture of pie instead of a birthday cake? Simple. I don't like cake but I love pie. Maybe one of these days I'll tell you the infamous Birthday Pie story. Maggie'll LOVE that.

 unable to get to a computer to post anything at that time. So this is really a belated birthday huzzah.

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been doing this for a year now. There have been a few times here and there where the entries haven’t come as often as I would have liked but I’ve at least done more than two per month which is already better than any of my other attempts at doing a blog or a livejournal thingy.

In celebration of the blog’s one-year mark I’m having a contest. I’m planning on making a few t-shirts to wear out to conventions and around town. I’d like to make one with a funny phrase or a neat logo on the front, and the blog’s website on the back. At the moment the only phrase I’ve got is “Real Men Wear Capes” which, if you’ll remember, was the phrase I jotted down in my notes on the last day of Dragon*Con 2009.

What I’d really like to do is have an official logo or tag line for the blog. While I like “Real Men Wear Capes” there’s a bit of a problem with it…it’s got the connotation that the blog is about superheroes and written by a man. While a post here and there might be devoted to superheroes I try to make the blog about more than one kind of fandom. And, I’m not a man. So it’s out as the tag line for the blog but still might end up on a shirt.

So here’s the contest: Design a logo or come up with a tag line for the blog. If you go the logo route, it should be something that can work just as well in a smaller format (like, say, on a business card) as on a t-shirt or webpage and shouldn’t involve more than two or three colors. Please send your submissions to Tirtle82 AT aol dot com.

The winner of the contest will receive a free t-shirt and some other goodies. Nerf Gun Bobbins will retain rights to the logo/tag line, but you will be credited as the designer.


The winning design/line will appear on the new Nerf Gun Bobbins website.

That’s right, folks. I’m giving the blog a birthday present and buying my own domain name! You’ll still be able to get to the blog through the address if you like but you can also just type in the stand-alone domain name.

I think that about does it for now. Thanks for reading and making my first year doing this so great!

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