The weather here in the DC metro area has been absolutely beautiful lately. It was up in the 70s starting on Thursday of last week and the sun was out in full force all through the weekend. I think the wonderful weather contributed to me feeling extra productive these past few days. Despite getting up at 4am for work at the coffee shop on Friday, I managed to head over to GMU’s campus on Friday evening for the annual Pride Week Drag Show. The show combines student performances with numbers by professional drag queens and kings from the area. It was a fantastic show – E Clef (one of the kings) and Destiny B. Childs were my favorite picks of the night. There were a few sadder moments throughout the evening – one of my friends, who had been a regular performer at the drag show – had passed away the previous year. This was the first year without Brianna Spice and she was greatly missed. Reann Ballslee did an absolutely fantastic job of emceeing for the evening – as she always does.

For those of you who might not know, Reann made history and headlines last year when she was voted as George Mason University’s Homecoming Queen. Yes, that’s right. We had a drag queen Homecoming Queen. It was one of those things that made me extra proud of choosing GMU as my academic home all those years ago. Go Patriots!

I honestly don’t know how on Earth I made it home that night. I think cosmic forces must have been steering the van back to the driveway. By the time I got home and dragged myself into the wonderful cocoon of blankets that is my bed I had been up for almost 24 hours. And I still had plenty of things I needed to do that weekend.

I got moving a lot earlier than I expected on Saturday. I think my brain was just trying to send my body into panic mode – I was in charge of planning the sunrise Easter service at my church that Sunday and had gone to bed with no clear ideas about what exactly I was going to be doing. My subconscious must have been working overtime, though, because I woke up and had a lightbulb moment. A quick trip to WalMart with Mom and some research on the computer and I had the beginnings of a plan.

After I figured out what I was going to be talking about (vaguely) I headed down to DC with Andy and Maggie to go cherry blossom viewing. It’s been a while since I’ve dared to brave the madness that is DC in peak cherry blossom season. I’m not particularly fond of large crowds to begin with the press of people downtown was pretty amazing. Of course, that will happen when the Cherry Blossom Festival happens to coincide with the peak time for the blossoms. Usually the festival happens long before the cherry trees decide to join the party. Not so this time around. The festival and the blossoms were in full swing. It was absolutely beautiful! Crowded, but beautiful.

Easter came and went, I managed to throw together an early morning service that folks seemed to like, and I even got complimented on the cherry blossom dress I had made. Mom picked up some new plants for me to put in the pots out front. she found a chocolate mint plant…the thing actually smells like creme de menthe, I kid you not! I’ve also got a new varigated mint, to replace the one that bit the dust two years ago, a chive plant, some lovely, bushy cilantro (I’m just itching to make some guacamole now!) and a variation of another mint plant. This last one is different from the kind one grows to put in tea or use as an ingredient in cooking. This one is meant for ground cover. It’s wonderfully soft and pretty hardy, which means it’s great for walking on. Plus, when you walk on it, it lets off that minty aroma we all love!

My mutant comfrey plant has already popped back to life. Comfrey isn’t supposed to be a perennial. It’s supposed to die and require replanting every year. This is the fifth or sixth year it’s come back. I think. At this point I’ve lost count. People often ask why I don’t just pull it up if I don’t need it anymore. Why not just get rid of it?

The answer is simple. I can’t fault it for living. It’s not its fault that it comes back when it shouldn’t. I might ask it “Why do you keep coming back” when I pass by the pot in the morning but I can’t just bend down and pluck it out of the dirt. I figure it’s held on this long, who am I to say it doesn’t deserve its chance to live? Plus, I think it offers a sort of object lesson in tenacity. Just because someone tells you that you don’t belong somewhere, that doesn’t mean you have to listen to them and fade away.

2 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Rah for GMU indeed. So good to hear –especially after that fake prom business at the Itawamba County School District of Fulton, Mississippi

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