Search Terms, Revisted

Just because they tickle me, I’ve decided to continue collecting and presenting some of the funny and interesting search terms that bring people here to my blog.

So far, good old Sam Witwer has brought folks here a total of five times. “Dead Zone Verizon” = 5 times. Three people have entered the whole original site address ( and clicked over three times – which I think is interesting…why not just type the actual address into the address part of the web browser?

There are two links from the search term “nerf culture,” which I’ve actually highlighted and set aside for a future topic. Two people also typed in “farpoint nerf bobbin.” I don’t remember telling anyone at Farpoint the name of the blog, but I could be mistaken. There are three clicks from “hulk smash and dragon con”, one from “kung fu panda nerf gun” and one from “raquel welch was she using peel patches.” I find that last search term the most amusing and confusing. I don’t believe I’ve ever written about Raquel Welch or peel patches on here. So how did that search term, in particular, bring someone to Nerf Guns and Bobbins? A quick look-see over on Google didn’t come up with my blog’s link. Perhaps someone was using another search engine, like bing, ask, or yahoo. I really only use Google for my web searches so I really don’t know if the other ones pull up the blog more often from random search terms.

There was another search term I saw the other day that made me laugh but, unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere in my little monitoring area here on wordpress. I know I jotted it down on a note but I’ve currently misplaced it. Hopefully I’ll find it soon.


2 thoughts on “Search Terms, Revisted

  1. Meg–Did you get my message? Intent was
    to commend you on your great writing about
    Farpoint,and Sam Witwer in particular.

    No need to respond, but this was done in a
    positive spirit and with appreciation. Susie

  2. Yes, I got the comment you posted. It’s been approved and is visible in the comments section over on the “The Woman Behind the Machine” page. You should also get an email in your inbox.

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