Search Terms 3.0 and Popular Posts

I’ve been wandering over to my dashboard here on wordpress this past week and a half – that’s the part of the site where I can sit back and manage everything – and I’ve noticed a little something…people out there in internet-land are going absolutely BONKERS over fluffy wedding dresses. 

Apparently there’s a rush for fluffy dress pictures and articles that I am completely in the dark about. In the past week alone, the entry “Root Beer and Fluffy Dresses” has gotten 17 hits. I find it kind of surprising, as that entry is about…well, making root beer and watching a movie with a fluffy dress. There’s nothing in it about making a fluffy dress. Just watching a movie with one in it. Well, and wanting to try on said fluffy dress. I’ll admit to that. 

I went over to the stats for the individual posts, just for funsies, to see how many times the root beer and fluffy dresses post has been read. 60 times people. 60 TIMES! It’s currently tied with “Retro vs. Vintage, & Rockabilly Trends” for the most-read post. Of course, the numbers are a wee bit skewed, simply because “Home Page” counts as a post. That one, by the way, still holds the record, at 1,121 hits. Of course, it’s kind of an all-encompassing page. 

Other mentions for popular posts are: Escape to Farpoint: Con Report Day 1 (47); The Woman Behind the Machine (26); Let Your Geek Flag Fly (22); and All Points Far: Farpoint Con Report #2 (21). I think it’s interesting that the first Farpoint con report has garnered twice as many visits as the second one, despite the second one having a whole section devoted to the number one draw to the site, via search terms. 

Once again, I’m amused by some of the search terms people have been typing in to Google, Bing, and whatnot that lead them over here. “Colonial period sunglasses” had six recently, which makes sense, as I got a comment/question about where to find them recently. Sadly, the last time I checked, the store in Williamsburg was still looking for a new distributor to carry them. 

Sam Witwer has, once again, drawn more people here. I really should start paying him some sort of royalty or something. Four people typed his name into a search engine recently and came over here – bringing his total draw of people to NGB up to 13. Impressive. Most impressive. (Yes, I know that’s Darth Vader’s line, not Starkiller’s. No need to nitpick.) 

“Really fluffy wedding dresses” and “really fluffy dresses” both brought in 2 visitors. And there were a bunch of other variations on that theme. 

Someone typed in “nerf gun cosmetics,” which has me kind of confused as to what, exactly, they are looking for. There was also a search for “last night on alderaan” (which I’m looking forward to attending again this year at Dragon*Con!), and a search for ” ‘tristan lock’ longboard.” Yay! My friend Tristan has made it into a mention in Search Terms! 

Even Cthulu is bringing people to my blog. That’s right. Someone looked up Cthulu and popped over here. 

And now…my two favorite search terms this time around: “Felicia Day feet” – which made me laugh and go “What the hell, people?!” and “uva nerf gun university.” As with the nerf gun cosmetics search, I’m not all that sure what people are trying to pull up with that last search, but I assure you…if there were a nerf gun university, I’d want to attend! 

My veritable arsenal of nerf weaponry. Okay, okay, so some of them aren't Nerf. Like that marshmallow popper in the lower right-hand corner. I'm STILL prepared.


One thought on “Search Terms 3.0 and Popular Posts

  1. You know we could have a Nerf-gun cosmetics post. Just have to upload all pics of our Steam-punk guns and my new Aliens gun (Which isn’t technicaly a nerf but…)

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