Catching Up

Okay folks. It’s panic time. There are only 23 days left until Dragon*Con 2010. Actually, by the time I’m finished and post this, it’ll probably be down to 22 days. Oh holy crap! Less than a month! And I still have a bunch of things to do.

I suppose I don’t really have a reason to freak out. I mean, I’m not needing to do anything major at this point. Heather’s jumpsuit is all sewn together. I’ve just got to tea-stain it and make the tail and add the pockets. Orko is done, apart for the final hem. My Jedi stuff is all put together. I finished switching over the patches to the new Kaylee jumpsuit today, and even added new pockets at the waist. Unfortunately, the original flight suit didn’t have pockets at normal pocket height. They were all on the legs or the sleeves, which I’m not necessarily opposed to, but I’m one of those folks whose standard relaxed stance includes hands hooked on the pockets. So…pockets were needed. Plus, the actual Kaylee costume has them.

Since I had to take the sleeves off of the flight suit to match Kaylee’s look, I had something to make the pockets out of. I went ahead and kept the little mini pen pocket on the part of the sleeve that I made into the pocket on the left leg. It’s not exactly film accurate, but I like it.

The plan for tomorrow is to either finish Kowl’s feet, or make the bib. With luck, I can finish both of them before Maggie comes to pick me up after she gets off of work.

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