You’re searching for WHAT?

It’s time, once again, for my favorite non-costume topic-that’s-still-sort-of-related-to-costumes-but-not-really-only-insofar-as-it-relates-to-this-blog topic.

That’s right, friends and strangers. It’s time for another look at the search terms that have brought people here from Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Bing or whatever other search engines are out there. (On a sidenote…is Lycos even still a functioning search engine? I know I haven’t used it in forever. I’ll have to google it later and see. And yes, I grasp the irony of that situation.)

I took a gander at the Most Popular Search Terms of All Time (at least, as far as they pertain to my site) and was surprised to learn that Pennywise – the psycho clown from It – has edged out Sam Witwer as the biggest draw of folks to Nerf Guns and Bobbins. Even when I add in all the variations of the Sam Witwer search terms (people who spell his name wrong, folks who are specifically typing in “sam witwer shirtless,” etc.), Pennywise draws in more. I find this more than mildly disturbing, not least because Sam Witwer is far more fun to look at than Pennywise. Unless you’re turned on by that whole needlepoint-teeth look, and then…whatever floats your boat.

There were a couple of search terms from today (Sunday) that I enjoyed. The first was “return of the jedi tennis shoe scene.” Two visits were logged contributed to this search term. I can only assume – until, once again, I hit Google myself – that there is a scene in Return of the Jedi in which someone is visibly wearing tennis shoes. You can rest assured that I will be checking this out, myself.

I think the best search term from today was simply “puppets with guns.” I get a wonderful image in my head of movies like Taxi Driver or The Godfather, only cast with puppets instead of live actors. I haven’t the slightest idea why someone’s looking up “puppets with guns,” or whether or not they were intrigued by what they found here, but I hope they got some sort of enjoyment. I mean, you kind of want to stay on the good side of the kind of person who’s searching for information or pictures of puppets with guns, don’t you?

There was a random search term yesterday that simply read “with a beachball.” I was left wondering “What with a beach ball?” Playing with a beach ball? Eating with a beach ball? Making out with a beachball? It took me forever to even think of an entry here that had anything to do with a beach ball. Then I remembered the first con post for Dragon*Con 2010. If you remember, there were beach balls being batted across the room where we were all waiting in the pre-registration lines.

The longest search term entered recently was “castaway sign on fedex bos that delivers at the end.” There were two hits from that. I giggle – just a bit – when I consider clicking on the link to this site meant people were confronted by a photo of my sister dressed as Wilson the volleyball. That image never ceases to make me chuckle, and I hope the same is true for others.

There were two clicks from the term “stoned angels.” Not “stone angels,” mind you – though they may very well have been trying to type that in. They didn’t, though. They typed in “stoned angels.” I just thought back to Dogma and found myself wondering – angels were forbidden (in that movie) from imbibing in alcohol, so as to avoid any future indiscretions…would the same ban be extended to other mind-and-mood-altering elements, I wonder?

Hands down, the best search term was the following: “Guy wearing only a sock.”

Oh dear.

I really do wonder sometimes about the folks who stumble across this blog. I’m quite sure that entries about conventions and puppets and how to fashion a bitching pair of wings out of foam and old wire coat hangers was not what the person who typed that term into Google expected to be diverted to.

I don’t even know where I would rank on the list of links that gets pulled up under that search term. I mean, I can’t possibly be at the top. I don’t remember writing about men wearing only a sock. Granted, I’ve professed my admiration for scantily clad men who vaguely resemble Spartan soldiers, and pasties have been mentioned here from time to time. But, to my recollection, I haven’t talked about people only wearing socks.

And, of course, it begs the question…where exactly is this man wearing the sock? Keep in mind, of course, that the search term only mentions him having the one. Is it on his foot? Or is it the only thing keeping his all-togethers from being all together? And why did two people click on a link for that item that led to my site? (Or, one person click the same link twice, which seems a bit odder) Questions to ponder.


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