And the winner is…

The winning entrant for the most recent contest is listed below. In addition to including a pick-up line, the winner provided a story of “geek romance.” Thanks to “Cassandra” for entering.

I really am not quite sure how to start writing this, or what to even include here. I know that you had mentioned about pickup lines, and stories of the dating community. The same happens in and around the furry community. I can tell you that there is probably just about the same amount of sex going on at any other sort of Con, that goes on at a Fur Con. There are huge stereotypes going on about Furries, and I am not going to say that there are not people who don’t fit those to a tee, because there are.

Now, romance…I have seen it happen when I used to go onto the online chat rooms years ago. I have taken place in online ceremonies – furs getting married to other furs online – as well as have heard many stories, of people meeting their life mate online as well, and actually meeting them, and living happily ever after…or not so happily.

I think that the thing about the fur online community is that they provide a comfort to each other from time to time, and it is a place where you can turn off the world and step into something completely different. I remember being able to host my own “Room” within the chatting zone. Now, it would be hosted by either one of my two furs. KittyKatz Kozy Korner (uh…yes, dumb but oh well, that was what was voted on) or Cassandra’s Treehouse. Now, what a hedgehog was doing in a tree… Cassandra was my Fur of choice, and that is really the one that I had a lot more fun with.

There were times when other furs would stop by and chat. There were other times, when the furs would try to make their advances. I think the funniest line that I had heard was from a guy who took on the persona of a bulldog. He was one of the guys that I would pal around with from time to time…until he started to create drama. “Cassandra, come here and Give a dog a bone.” :::sigh::: yes, I know probably not the best one yet…mind you it has been so many years ago. I do remember that one because the next thing that came out was some other bloke making the comment that he could end up turning him into bones by being crass. 😛

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