The perils of blogging (or, “Meg’s a creepy creeper”)

When I started blogging (two years ago! Still can’t believe it!), I hunted around a bit for other, similar blogs. I was looking for writings out in the great wide world of the interwebs that dealt with costumes and sewing and all the other manner of sub-topics I like to write about here. The idea being, looking at what other people wrote might offer jumping off points for my own entries and, if I found a particularly helpful site or blog post elsewhere, I could post a link to it here, thus expanding other people’s readership.

Now, a couple of the blogs I follow already have links from this page. You can see them over there in the Blogroll to the right. Some blogs, however, are not run through WordPress. The few that I read that are based in Blogger are not listed in the same place. This is a failing on my part, and I’m looking into other ways to remedy this.

One of the blogs I really enjoy is “Music, Corsets and Star Wars,” written by Amber Mendenhall. I am in complete awe of this young woman. She currently lives in Ohio (YES! Ohio rocks!) and is in school for historic costume and American history. Oh yeah…and she designs awesome Star Wars amigurumi. She’s even starting to publish her own patterns for people to use. Read the blog, check out the stuff she makes…she’s just all-around awesome.

In a recent post, she mentioned that she’s going to be working at Colonial Williamsburg during the summer.

Williamsburg is about a four-hour drive away.

I will admit that it is more than a little creepy and stalker-esque that I am thinking of traveling down to Williamsburg at some point during the summer, just to go to the shop and tell her “I read your blog, and I think you’re awesome!”

I know, I know. I’m really weird. I’m kind of worried about freaking her out.

But then, the other part of me – the one that decided one day that I would start a blog about what I love to do in my own spare time – thinks that she might get a kick out of it. I mean, I’d be all kinds of excited if someone spotted me at a convention somewhere and said “I read your blog.” They could even follow it up with the comment “I think it’s absolute codswallop!” I’d just smile, nod, and respond “But you do read it.” Obviously, I want people to get some sort of enjoyment out of reading this thing, but ultimately, my main joy comes just from doing it for myself.

Well, and for Maggie, but that’s not so much “joy” as “self-preservation,” as I hear about it when I go too long without writing a new entry.

Anyway…I’m seriously thinking about being a creepy blog-stalker this summer.

And do check out her blog. It really is pretty cool.

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