What I’m Not Watching

I feel I have been neglecting my geeky duties.

I have not been watching any of my shows. Not Supernatural. Not Doctor Who (which, apparently, had one hell of an episode recently, written by none other than Neil Gaiman himself). I did manage to catch an episode of Bones the other day, which left me particularly weepy, but it’s the first episode of the show I’ve seen in at least two months.

I haven’t managed to make it out to see Thor yet. I’m actually kind of upset about that. My uncle Tom worked as an extra in the movie and, as his self-professed biggest fan, I feel I am being negligent.

Those things are just drops in the bucket of geekiness that I seem to have dropped, though. The thing that makes me feel like I currently don’t deserve my geek cred might shock some of you.

I haven’t been watching Game of Thrones.

And I don’t feel all that shaken up about missing out. For some reason, I was not one of the folks who jumped on the excited bandwagon of fantasy fans clamoring for the show. I’ve met George R.R. Martin – or rather, I shared an elevator ride with the man when Maggie and I attended WFC in Saratoga Springs a few years back – and I respect him as one of the BIG names in the fantasy world. But I have not yet read any of his work and, despite the presence of Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage in the show (two actors I admire), I have not felt compelled to watch the show.

My brother’s been watching. As has Maggie. And Maggie’s roommate. And a number of the guys I was in high school theatre with. And, it turns out, a number of our customers at the coffee shop. The other day, one of our regulars came in asking if we’d been watching it. She is apparently LOVING the show. She was not, as far as I can figure, a big fan of fantasy before this.

It seems there are a number of folks who are watching the show who were not, originally, amongst the geek population. Perhaps this is why I am not watching the show. There is room in this world for a finite number of fans per show and, with these non-fantasy folks on the list, I am relieved of my duties.

Of course, identifying oneself as a geek doesn’t necessarily mean that one then has to participate in EVERY single geek outlet. I play video games…but not all of them. I’m not particularly intrigued by Halo. I read comics, but only select ones. I watch some sci-fi/fantasy shows, but not others. Not all geeks are created equal.

Some of us have no desire to watch Game of Thrones.


One thought on “What I’m Not Watching

  1. Honestly, I haven’t gotten into that show either. I didn’t know that it was a fantasy show anywho. I thought it was something kinda like 300. 😛

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