May Your Days Be Geeky and Bright

It is once again Geek Pride Day! To be completely honest, I almost forgot it was today. I didn’t program it into the calendar on my phone, like I did with May the Fourth (yes, I’m actually geeky enough that I program stuff like that in). I think that was the real problem with remembering it. I mean, May 4th is pretty easy to remember, with the whole catchphrase and everything. May 25th just seems like any random ol’ day.

Except it isn’t. At least, it shouldn’t be for geeks around the world.

The big thing on my calendar for today was work. I had my usual Wednesday shift at the shop to worry about, and that was really all that was on my mind this morning when I got up and started going about the business of preparing for the day. Well, it was on my mind following “Just a few more minutes of sleep…please!” and “Dear God! Why did I sleep that way! I think I dislocated my hip!”

Don’t worry. It’s not dislocated, and the severe pain went away within a few minutes of moving out of my strange sleeping position.

Anyhoo…as wonderfully aesthetic as my work shirt is (read: not very), I like to bring a different shirt to change into after my shift is up. Today’s choice happened to be my Raccoon Mario shirt. A nice little homage to my first videogame love. It wasn’t until I went upstairs and did my pre-work check of email and Facebook that I realized it fit in perfectly with today’s theme. Go me!

I hadn’t come up with any special plans for Geek Pride Day in the weeks leading up to it. I really should do something next year. Today’s celebration involved starting a new book (from Thomas Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler series), wearing the afore-mentioned shirt, and working on my Rebecca Chambers costume.

Nothing says "quality costume construction" like duct tape and hot glue!

That’s right kiddies! I’m finally getting started on my stuff for Dragon*Con. I figure, with 99 days until the convention, I’d best get started on something. So I’ve started work on the accessories. My logic is…if I make all the stuff that goes ON the costume, I have to make sure I pull the rest of it together. So far, I’m working on the canvas belt and the front pouch. The canvas belt is actually really easy. Probably the easiest part of the entire costume – a long strip of canvas webbing and a large parachute buckle. That’s pretty much it.

The front pouch took a little more thought. I ended up pulling out my Dad’s old CB radio to use as a basic reference for size. It’s a little longer than the front pouch needs to be, but it’s got the right width and depth. To my knowledge, there are no shots of the inside of the front pouch, so we’re left to imagine what it’s like. I cut out some flats of cardboard from an old box for use forming the pouch. I lined one side of each of the flats with some vinyl that was left over from an old costume I made. I had originally thought to make the pouch out of just the vinyl, with a canvas cover over top of it, but I decided I wanted it a little more sturdy. The maroon vinyl forms the inside of the pouch. I put some hot glue along all of the edges where the cardboard flats meet, and reinforced it with duct tape. It looks…well, not nice, at the moment. But it’s starting to look like a sturdy pouch to carry things in.

I’ve also started the preliminary work for my vest.

Up to this point, that’s the biggest thing that has had me worried, as it seems the trickiest part of the whole costume. To my knowledge, a real-world equivalent does not exist, so it’s not exactly something I can order online and make a video-game accurate version of in my own home. Instead, I have to puzzle it out for myself. I went ahead and bought a throwaway tank top at the grocery store the other day. They carry them in the hosiery aisle (which I find odd but convenient). There were a few color options when I went. Since I’m using the tank top as the basis for a pattern and will be cutting it to pieces, I went for the package with the pink tank top in it. I have no problem whatsoever with cutting up the pink one. I’d feel wasteful if it were a color I actually liked.

I’ve started drawing the seam lines on the tank top with marker. I need to double check my shots of the side of Rebecca’s vest, but I should be able to come up with the basic pattern by Friday. Then comes the challenge of transferring said pattern to the batting and mesh material that will go together to form the actual vest. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to do the RESCUE insignia on the back of the vest. I’ve got some iron-on transfer paper, but I have to figure out how to make the insignia on the computer in the first place. Challenges! I have them!

Tonight should see the front pouch finished, and some fiddling with the pattern for the back pouch.

2 thoughts on “May Your Days Be Geeky and Bright

  1. 99 days til dragoncon should be another miniblog about the 99 days til dragoncon and the costume makeing process. and then another blog about how to make robot suits. yup.

    • That (the miniblog about 99 days til Dragon*Con) sounds like a wonderful idea and, in theory, I would do it…but I don’t know if I’d be able to handle both the making of the costumes AND writing about it *every* day. Let’s face it. I’m not always the best about updating this. I’ll try to do more about the actual process of the costumes over the upcoming months, though.

      And I shall leave the blog about how to make robot suits up to you, oh wise Robot Maker.

      (For those of you who don’t know…”robot guy” once made a friggin’ sweet robot suit out of random cardboard, when we worked at a movie theatre. It even played music.)

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