Minoan Culture vs. Sam Witwer

A quick tally has revealed that “Sam Witwer” has been surpassed by “minoan clothing” and its many variations upon a theme as the number one search term that has been leading folks around to this blog. Sam’s still pretty high, with 130 hits, but all things minoan have, so far, brought in 375. Just goes to show you…ancient fashion can apparently surpass a gorgeous specimen of a man. At least in internet searches.

There weren’t too many terms this time around that had me raising a questionable eyebrow. There were things like “I quilt scarlet and gray,” which brought a smile to my face. I liked that people were looking for “steampunk bumblebee” (I’d like to see that, as well) and “padme wearing a body cast.” Two hits came through from someone looking for pictures of Gabriel’s pants from Constantine. By the by, Maggie’s version of that costume is still the ONLY one I’ve ever seen walking around at a convention. This surprises me, as it’s such an amazing design.

Now, while I said there weren’t many search terms that made me scratch my head, that’s not to say there weren’t any. My two favorites were: “roli nerf gun contest yes maybe never mind not in it hes being bad” and “i have head flakes and it is all dried up and stuck on my head.”

In regards to the first…what? I don’t even know why that is being typed in as a full search term, let alone why it linked to me (beyond the mention of nerf guns and contests) and why it would’ve been clicked on twice.

As for the second…ew. Ew. Ewwww. I’m sorry, person. Head flakes (which I’m assuming are referring to dandruff) are not fun, certainly, and I imagine the fact that they are dried up and stuck on your head is cause for no small amount of worry, not to mention derision by those around you who might be a wee bit mean spirited. But WHY in the name of ZEUS are you looking for answers here? And why did Google or Bing or whatever search engine see fit to navigate someone looking that up over here? Ah, the mysteries of the internet.

The search term that takes the cake for laugh-out-loud awesomeness was “braaaaains.” Yes, zombies themselves might be more than a little troublesome, but zombie-related search terms are wonderful fun.

That’s it for search terms, this time around. If you’re wondering what’s up with my Dragon*Con costume list, it is coming along fine. I’ve been working on a couple of different pieces, and I should have pictures and descriptions and various tales of costuming woe, heartbreak and triumph up pretty soon.

FYI…there’s not really been any woe and heartbreak.

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