Two weeks?! Two weeks!

That’s how long I have to finish the rest of my stuff before Dragon*Con. My plans to regularly update the site as I hammered through my list of “important stuff to do” obviously crashed and burned. I have been working on stuff, but every time I look at my pile of costume-y bits, I feel like I haven’t. Mainly that’s because I’ve been avoiding working on the Labyrinth Wise Man like the plague. A large, wire-skeletoned, green-foamed plague.

He’s coming together slowly but surely. The vague shape of the bird head hat has actually been put together for a few weeks now. It just doesn’t have skin. Or feathers. Or eyes. Well, that’s not true. It has all of these things. They’re just currently sitting around in random piles and bags, scattered around the perimeter of my work space.

The wire framework for the Wise Man’s head is now done. It’s even got little stabilizers that will rest against my back and chest, to keep the head from wobbling back and forth on my shoulders the way my Potter Puppet Pal head did. I’m planning on only putting foam on the very front of the head, with felt, fabric and feathers (and whatever other materials starting with “f” I can find) covering the rest of the wire framework. This will be an effort to keep the head relatively light and a bit cooler inside, as well as making it easier for me to hear what might be going on around me outside of the head. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to hear things inside my head.

And that just sounds weird.

This is kind of how I feel every time I look at how little time I have to finish everything.

The biggest difficulty in working on this costume – aside from kicking my own butt into high gear – has been getting decent screen shots of the costume to work from. Most of the high resolution pictures I’ve managed to track down are of the face. I found an absolutely wonderful one of the front of the costume…but it’s black and white. A little difficult to get the colors of the costume right when you don’t have many color shots to work from. I’ve made a couple of sketches of the back costume (which requires watching the movie and pausing for long periods of time), and I’m hoping that the notes I made the last time I took a look-see will help keep the colors and little details fresh in my mind.

Currently, I’m working on the nose. Well, sorta. I mean, clearly I’m taking a little bit of a break to type this up (and wait for dinner to cook), but I’ve been working on the head for a few hours today. In fact, I can’t really feel my fingertips, which makes touch-typing a tad bit difficult.

Why can’t I feel my fingertips, you ask? Simple.

Hot glue. Even the low temp stuff will eventually start eating at your skin, if you work with it long enough. I took a picture of my work table a little earlier – right before I started gluing foam to the wire skeleton – and I think that you might just be able to make out the little tiny bottle of aloe vera gel that is currently sitting on the corner of my work station. I haven’t posted pictures of the work-in-progress yet. Perhaps that will happen tomorrow, when I get home.

For the time being, here is a list of items that I have actually managed to complete:

Rebecca Chambers – Vest is done. Bags are done, except for the red cross logos. Pants are purchased. Patch for t-shirt is ready to be attached to the sleeve of my t-shirt…when I find the right color. I think I’ll wind up using my Kaylee boots for the shoes, as I’ve been unable to track down some additional boots to alter. Oh. And my hair has been re-colored and recently cut. My current haircut is pretty close to the character’s.

Bob (or Carl) – “Suit” is done. Maggie has made my mask. I’ve still got to make the mittens and the hood, and then we’ve got to find or make push brooms.

God from Dogma – The skirt is done (except for adding a few more ribbons in the back). I’ve made a mock-up of the corset and made the appropriate changes to the pattern so I can start the actual thing. Bought the material for the corset and jacket today.

Peanut Butter costume – Peanut hat is done…and ridiculously cute! Skirt that looks like knife swirls in peanut butter has been purchased – and will probably be changed into a tank top. I already own brown pants.

So, I’ve got a few small things here and there for most of the other costumes, but at this point the biggest thing I’m working on is the Wise Man and his hat.

Stoopid ambitious costume.

5 thoughts on “Gah!

  1. I feel your pain! I know I will be hand-sewing costumes on the car ride down to Atlanta. I’m sure I’ll see you (but not recognize you!) at some point at D*con!
    Jenn (from the “She-ra” gang)

    • Well, if you happen to see a giant monstrosity wearing a bird hat, wandering aimlessly (and probably very clumsily) through the Marriot, you’ll have seen and recognized me. 🙂 I’m attempting to make this the first convention where I’m not hand-sewing something on the car ride to Atlanta.

      What costumes are you bringing this year?

  2. Nothing too fancy this year…I’m in grad school so that is taking up most of my time right now. She-ra will be back (with some upgrades; this will be the fourth version of it!), a character from the Green Lantern comics (for the parade), and my sister really wanted to do a My Little Pony costume so I also made one. I am working on a “furry-style” costume (also from Green Lantern) but I don’t want to rush it so it won’t be ready for D*con. I’m sure I’ll also bring some generic stuff, too. Well, gotta get back to work! See you there!

    • Ooooo! Can’t wait to see costumes! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for your new costumes. Probably won’t see you during the parade…Maggie and I are going to be Sci-Fi Janitors, and I believe they have us planned for the back of the parade, the idea being that we are cleaning up the end of the parade route. Good luck with finishing everything.

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