Yes, I know that the #1 piece of advice from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is to not panic, but when faced with only three days until we leave for Atlanta, and a list of odds and ends I still have to finish, I’m having a wee bit of trouble remembering that advice. Instead, this is what is running through my head every few minutes:

PanicpanicpanicpanicIstillhavestufftofinishontheWiseMan panicpanicpanicandacorsettofinishpanicandajacketpanic pluspushbroomstomakepanicandawigtofind ohcrapnoonehaslongwigspanicpanicpanic

Maggie assures me we’ll get everything done. Whether or not I will retain any shred of my already tenuous hold on sanity remains to be seen.

Originally, today’s plan was to roll out of bed (or rather, roll off of the air mattress on Maggie’s floor) and get right to work on finishing the Wise Man. Instead, that has been delayed as I cover a shift at work. That’s right…this means I’m writing a blog entry while working at the coffee shop. Take that, work!

I went ahead and brought the Wise Man robe in with me today. We had a catering this morning, and there will likely be plenty of leftover coffee with which to age and stain my costume. Unfortunately, that also means I’ll probably be reeking of coffee while at the convention. I can picture it now…I’ll be sitting down in some hallway, waiting for a panel, and people will come along, start to pass me, sniff delicately, and wonder aloud “What smells like week-old coffee?”

That would be me. Pay no attention to the woman behind the almost tangible curtain of coffee stench.

I probably wouldn’t mind so much if I actually drank coffee. Oh, the irony.

Hmm….where was I?

Oh yes.


One thought on “PANIC!

  1. I’m with you! My fingertips are currently all throbbing from being burnt on the thermal plastic I am trying to shape for some shin-guards for my lantern costume. Probably not the best time to try to use a new matterial/learn a new skill, but there is something about that special layer of con panic that makes you say, “screw it, I gotta do something!” Not to mention grad school and I am practically running my entire department at work. At least I can blame the stress for my expanding waistline (and not the swiss cake binge I had the other night!). Hang in there!

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