Flailing Closer to Crunch Time.

There are 97 days until Dragon*Con.

I am screwed.

No progress on the dragon. No progress on anything, really. Well, I do have progress on one end, in that I know what one of the other costumes is going to be, and it is a lot easier than anything else on my list, but I haven’t actually finished construction on anything.

I blame colonial stays. And some other stuff I don’t really want to go into right now, but mostly I blame colonial stays.

I’ve been working on a set of stays for one of the new interpreter’s at work. The pattern needed a little finangaling and fitting, but it’s much closer to completion now. I’m about 2/3 of the way through putting the boning in. With luck, I can finish the boning today at work (since it’s technically part of my job, I can actually work on costuming at my desk today!). After that, all that’s left will be to attach the lining, bind the edges, and do the stoopid hand-sewn eyelets. I am definitely bringing that part to work, for the days when the phone calls on the main line are few and far between, and I’m sitting at my desk, waiting for people to finish submitting their write-ups for the staff report, so I can proofread and print the whole thing. Using my time wisely, at least in theory.

So, this weekend I’m aiming at doing some construction work, in the midst of all the other errands I have to run. I have a pile of coat hangers, plenty of batting, all the fabric I really need, as well as glue, fabric paint, duct tape and a deadline looming on the horizon. If I can get ONE thing for Dragon*Con done this weekend, I will consider it a success.



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