Ducks, Rows, and Dragon*Con

I’ve finally finished one of the colonial stays I had on my to-do list…just in time for the interpreter it was made for to wear it for two days before leaving our organization. ::sigh:: She has asked to purchase it from the National Colonial Farm and, as it was made to fit her measurements, everyone here is okay with that. I’m actually okay with this. I was paid to make it by work, and so it wasn’t really mine to sell, and I came up with a fair amount for her to purchase it for (the cost of supplies, basically).

That ticks one of the things on my list off, and I can move on to others.

The end of Oogie Boogie’s head finally stands up on it’s own, courtesy of some more deconstructed wire hangers. I considered this part of my recovery time, as I stood up while doing it. No sitting! The multitude of little felt owls I sewed together do not, however, fall into that category, as they were made while I was sitting and unwilling to move much, and were intended to give my hands and brain something to do to prevent them from going completely nuts.

Toothless is still on my list of things to complete, but I’ve at least re-gathered the materials I’ll need for his head, and finally figured out how I’m making the damn eyes. Hooray for recycling materials and finding wonderful glitter paint at Michael’s.

One of the things I finished making during my “down time” can’t yet be discussed or shown here – partly because it hasn’t been opened yet, and partly because I forgot to take a picture of the damn thing when I was finished with it and before I wrapped it up. :/

oogie boogie diceI picked up some wonderful foam dice at the Dollar Store (otherwise known as “the magical home of cosplay prop foundation materials”) the other day. The plan is to use them as a basis for creating Oogie Boogie’s dice. I also got some water noodles, which I plan to use as the basis for Toothless’s tail.

But other Dragon*Con-related things are moving ahead. Mainly, the “professional folklorist” aspect of this year’s convention appearance. I enjoyed my involvement in last year’s Native Americans in Science Fiction and Fantasy so much, I volunteered with the three lit tracks being organized this year. Specifics – times, dates and panel themes – are still being tied down, but I am optimistic and excited about what I’ve heard about so far. Stay tuned!

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