Bluebirds of Happiness

The past month and a half have been a tad difficult for the family. As I’ve said before, Fall is a reminder of the natural ebb and flow of life, and the way we weather seasonal changes is often symbolic of how we deal with the ups and downs of life in general.

There has been a lot of ebb and flow, here, lately.

I like to turn my hands to some crafty pursuit while I sit and weather life’s storms. It gives my hands something to do so I don’t feel completely unproductive while taking time for myself. That sounds bad, I know. If I take time for myself, it should be just that…time for myself. However, despite my love of sitting quietly, I know that – all too often – I don’t give myself the opportunity. Making sure I have a craft to work on guarantees I will find some time to relax.

In a few weeks, my office will be holding a volunteer potluck, to thank all the folks who have given of their time and talents this past year. For those who have put in more time, or helped with an ongoing project, we’ve been putting together some thank-you gifts. The idea was that they would be personal, handmade or thoughtfully-purchased items that had a connection to the task that individual volunteer had been associated with. In theory, the people supervising the volunteer was supposed to come up with the idea and item. Because of the sometimes dysfunctional nature of working at a non-profit, that didn’t always happen. Which meant Casey (the Volunteer Coordinator) and I (her fellow crafting buddy) had to brainstorm some ideas.

Which is why, for the past week, I’ve been working on these adorable little things.

Making Eastern Bluebirds

Making Eastern Bluebirds

I found the pattern over at the Downeast Thunder Farm website. The original pattern shows two main colors (blue and cream), with brown/black for the beak and eye. I loved the pattern, but felt it needed a bit of orange, to make sure folks knew it was an Eastern Bluebird. I added a little orange bib to the pattern, and set out cutting and sewing little pieces of felt together. The original versions appeared to be fairly flat, as I assume they are meant to be tree ornaments. I filled mine with a little bit of rice, to make them into cute little hand warmers. You can pop them into the microwave for about 30 seconds, and they’ll keep your hands warm!

IMG_20131113_115050_614I worked on the birds at Robert’s, as well as at church last Sunday, and everyone has fallen in love with them. They are absolutely adorable…a wonderful testament to Susan’s design. If you happen to be looking for a cute project involving birds, I highly recommend her patterns. I already plan to try my hand at several other ones.

This was the perfect project to cheer me up, get me working on something, and get me thinking about this year’s Homemade Christmas.

One thought on “Bluebirds of Happiness

  1. I just got a little warm feeling when I read your post. What a lovely idea, so positive and thoughtful. I’m sure that whoever receives one of your birds will instantly have a big smile on their face.

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