Never A Dull Day

Most days, work is pretty run of the mill. At least, as far as work in an office on a farm in a park goes. We show up, drive down a bumpy gravel drive to the staff parking lot, walk past the barnyard while being serenaded with the sounds of sheep and cows and, occasionally, one very upset Tom Turkey. We proceed into the office and, on occasion, those of us with office jobs are called upon to help out on site. Usually, though, we spend the majority of our day in the office, typing away on computers, yelling at the new database and answering phones.

Today, we had a little more excitement. I’m not going to go into details, but, so far, our day has included a very upset regular donor, an escaped and fairly aggressive rooster, and a potential anthrax threat. Of course, the office was fairly empty today, so everything got handled by a core of about five people. 

By the end of the day, we’ve managed to solve most of these situations. The rooster was corralled and returned to his ladies in the coop via the creative use of a laundry hamper and a foam sword, and the letters were picked up by Park Police and investigated (no threat of anthrax!). I’ve yet to hear back about the agitated donor’s response to the apology email that was sent to her, but I’m hopeful that it, too, will be resolved.

Sprinkled amongst the calls to Park Police and doing manual updates in our problematic database and helping to feed the animals on IMG_20131125_171027_816site, I managed to whip up a little coaster for my desk. Before, I had been using a small pile of paper towels, to catch any condensation. They did the job, but they didn’t look all that great. Casey was asking me some questions about quilting today, though, and I used some materials I had in my car to show her the basics. And now I have a cute little coaster, made with re-purposed vintage fabric (and a little blue fabric that had been gifted to me, plus a little scrap felt as batting).


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