In the Meantime

[whispers] Sooooooon…..

Soon, you will see the project that has taken up a fair bit of my spare time, here and there, over the course of a year and a half.

But not right now. For now, here’s something completely different to tide you over!

Part of my work space is filled with research materials and my sketches. What on earth could I be working on?IMG_20160121_211556_402

I’ve been doing some more spinning – this colorway is titled “Lionhearted One.”


Robert saw this one and said “Ooo! It looks like the color of sea glass!” Which prompted a good laugh from me, as I revealed that the colorway is, indeed, called “Sea Glass.”

I really need to set up a better photo op section for the yarn.

I really need to set up a better photo op section for the yarn.

Robert and I took some time the other day to color. These come from a book Casey gave me for my birthday last year.


Robert colored his page with watercolors. They were so vibrant, it looked like he had used markers! He’s not finished with the whole thing, but thinks he might leave it as is, with only one section colored in, so things don’t clash.hula girl

We tried out a new restaurant in a nearby neighborhood the other day. It’s called Hula Girl. The restaurant has a pretty neat backstory on how it came to be in its current manifestation. (In fact, when I was handling a big event in the park here, I wanted to bring her food truck to the site, but it had just broken down). If you’re ever in the Shirlington area, outside of D.C., I recommend checking it out. Everything was absolutely delicious!

And now, the reason you haven’t been seeing pictures of Raven on here lately…the poor thing has been really itchy (and dander-y, and yes I know that’s not a real word) lately, and has overgroomed the fur on his tummy. This, unfortunately, means that his lovely white spot is not nearly as majestic as it once was. The doctor gave us a soft cone for him to wear – he’s figured out how to take it off several times, and really doesn’t like when we put it back on – and it’s helped a bit, but he’s still itchy. Worse, he’s found ways to groom himself, even with the cone on, so he’s still in danger of losing more fur. Raven doesn’t like having his picture taken most days anyway, and he’s really not fond of having it taken when he’s wearing his ridiculous cone. The kitties have an appointment tonight and I’m hoping the vet can do something else to help Raven and his itchiness.




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