Blanket Fort Living

Following the discovery of the pinhole leak in the downstairs bathroom, my bedroom was uninhabitable for a little while – mostly due to the smell of wet, moldy carpet (which was vastly improved after we got much of said carpet out of the house). Even after that portion of the carpet had been removed, though, things were not back to normal. We had to knock out more of the walls than we originally thought, and rebuild them, and figure out what to do about the flooring, and paint, and and and…

Needless to say, I had to find another part of the house to sleep in for the time being. Mom had volunteered her bed the night of the flood, saying she would sleep on the couch, but that wasn’t going to work for two reasons.

One, you don’t make your Mom sleep on the couch while you take your bed (no, Mom, not even if you volunteer it and say you sleep better on the couch anyway). Two, while I admit to having napped on Mom’s bed before, it’s a great deal softer (and taller) than what I’m used to. I’ve grown spoiled by the memory foam mattress topper that Robert gave me a few years ago – not to mention the electric blanket he got me earlier this year!

The best part is, I can pull up the sides and still watch movies whilst spinning yarn!

The best part is, I can pull up the sides and still watch movies whilst spinning yarn!

Besides, the futon downstairs is more comfortable to sleep on when it’s laid out than it is to sit on in couch form. I didn’t mind sleeping on it for a little while. Plus, I’ve been sleeping in that basement for the entire time I’ve lived in that house. It would be weird to move now.

On Sunday, Robert rummaged in the storeroom and pulled out some old metal tent poles, and set up a blanket fort for me. We used the thin, inflatable bed rolls we have for camping that first night, but Robert re-made the tent the second night, building it around the futon.

So now I have something resembling a four-post canopy bed in the downstairs living room, as I await the completion of the rebuild.IMG_20160524_225050_279

[I have to pull the sides up before I leave each day, or the cats will destroy the fort by pawing at each other on the opposite sides of the blanket, causing wholesale destruction in the basement. They have done this with every blanket fort we have made.]

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