Where have all all the fall things gone?

Thanksgiving is still a week and a half away, but you would never know from the available craft options at your local hobby store. On the first Saturday of November, I went out with Robert and our friend David, searching for the materials to craft some holiday centerpieces. We wanted to find cornucopias to decorate. I figured we had only just finished Halloween, so there was bound to be plenty of materials to work with at one of the local craft supply shops.

I was wrong.

At least, I was wrong about there being materials at Michael’s. REALLY wrong. There weren’t even autumn colored leaves and berries in the floral section! There were a few pet costumes (which, admittedly, I picked up…Alvin now also has a shark costume, to go with his lobster and spaghetti ensembles) and a few glittery skull candles but, aside from that, the store was void of anything remotely evocative of the fall season. Everything was white and red and (to a lesser extent) gold and sparkly. And even the gold things were very clearly for Christmas, not Thanksgiving.

We decided to check out A.C. Moore, which is the other craft store within relatively close distance to my house. Thankfully, while they had started to set up a massive Christmas craft supply section as well, they still had some fall-themed items. Even better, the stuff in that section was all on sale for 70% off!


My cornucopia, with a lovely little bird nest in it.

We each chose a cornucopia, and assembled piles of oddments to decorate them with. I picked up a pair of fake birds, some ribbon with sparkly autumn leaves, and some fake fruit – pears, apples, grapes and berries galore. David found some lovely cat tails and glittery acorns, and a wide assortment of fake leaves. Robert bought googly eyes, glittery green fronds, and white craft foam.

David's Cornucopia - he makes the best bows!

David’s Cornucopia – he makes the best bows!

Items in hand, we set off back to the workshop in my basement. Robert succeeded in getting the most glitter on the floor (which I don’t mind at all but find rather funny), and I broke out the huge assortment of acrylic paint and glue guns (seriously, I have at least 8, of different sizes and temperature settings), and we got to work.

As with last year’s gingerbread turkey fun, we all started with the same basic materials and, once again, ended up with entirely different looks. I ended up donating my grapes to Robert, as they didn’t really fit with the final look of mine.

I laugh every time I see Robert’s finished project.

Robert's cornucopia!

Robert’s cornucopia!

Every. Single. Time.

For someone who claims he isn’t artistic, he certainly manages to pull together some great pieces.


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