Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

Someone, the other day, called me “world traveler.” That isn’t necessarily true. My brother, who has wandered to six of the seven continents, is the world traveler. I think it would be more appropriate to call me the New World Traveler. (Although, even that is a misnomer, as I have yet to make it to Central or South America).

I have, as you might remember, been traveling more than a bit for work this year. My trips have taken me to Las Vegas, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Portland (Oregon), and New York City. Plus, there was a little side journey in summer to Prince Edward Island, with Robert’s family.

This past Saturday, I returned from my last trip of 2016. It was a whirlwind, three-stop, week-long journey across the length of the United States, with meetings in Houston, San Francisco, and Anchorage. Because of the timing, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time in each area (with the least being spent in Houston, TX). I tried to make the best of the little bits of free time I did get, and managed to squeeze in a visit with an old friend (whom I had never met, but had corresponded with for years – hello, Angelica!), some fabric shopping in San Francisco, and a visit to the Anchorage Museum and an Alaskan yarn store.

Looking back at my travels this year, I think some of the best on-the-road interactions I’ve had with people have been at the various yarn and fabric stores I have visited, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone who frequents smaller, independent shops. That’s the kind of interaction we all want from those kinds of places, isn’t it? It’s like a modern day Cheers experience, without the drinking. They might not know my name in those shops, but they recognize a fellow fiber/fabric nerd when they see them, and that’s good enough.

In an attempt to share some of my finds with you (I can’t show you the fabric or yarn, at the moment, as some of those items are going to be part of this year’s Handmade Christmas), here is a list of the fabric and yarn stores I have visited this year. I’ve also included the ones I put on my list but never managed to make it to, but I’ve only pasted links to the ones I actually went to:

Whew! A lot of places!

For now, I’m glad to be home for a little while, with just enough time to work some of my finds into lovely little Christmas gifts.

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