Quilt Cats

No, not cat quilts. Nor quilted cats.

Quilt cats.

That is clearly how Alvin and Raven see themselves. They LOVE quilts.

They love when I’m laying out the fabric to cut.img_20141020_181325_759

They love when I’m piecing them.


You can’t see the pieces in this picture because Alvin is *SITTING ON THEM*

They love when I’m laying out blocks to see if the design will really work.IMG_20141103_215916_360

They particularly love when I’m hand quilting them (especially Alvin).

And they love to hang out on them after they’re finished.

[I know this appears that it’s mainly Alvin. It’s not. He just sits still long enough to let me get a picture, whereas Raven dashes off before there is photographic evidence.

I have to be very careful when I’m working on a quilt that is destined to go to someone else’s house, or the quilt will end up being 50% cat hair. I’m convinced, if I didn’t lock quilts away in a bin or put them on a high shelf, I’d come home to find the boys stuffing their loose fur into a quilt, like straw in a scarecrow.

This seems to be the current solution.20161229_223250

That quilt – which I often refer to as The Ugliest Quilt – has become the default cat perch in the basement. If Alvin disappears for any length of time (and isn’t in the kitchen, trying to lick bacon grease out of a pan or open the bread cabinet), he can generally be found here.

I’ll walk into my room in the evening, flipping on the light switch, and he will raise his head and blink at me, grumpy about being disturbed. Then he’ll get up and walk around the entire bed, following me as I go about pre-bed chores.

The little turd also likes to steal my socks.

The little turd also likes to steal my socks.

Raven hangs out here less, but I’ll occasionally catch him up on the bed, his rump tucked in under the blanket.20161231_125954

It’s clearly become a favorite place, as you can tell from the copious amounts of cat hair.

It does help to keep the hair on the rest of the bed to a minimum – except for Robert’s pillow, which Alvin likes to co-opt at bedtime, and the occasional comforter-burrowing escapade.img_20160816_233439_749

Of course, now we have to be extra careful not to put the clean clothes down on that end of the bed when its time to fold them.img_20160912_222828_664

If you ever get a quilt from me and wonder how it got cat hair inside it, this is why.

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