A Little Bit of Healing

I have been sick for about two months now – mostly coughing (which is putting it mildly), with some congestion and a little bit of soreness in my throat from time to time. Most folks automatically assume it is allergies or asthma…despite my insistence that it is not. This is not allergies. While I admit allergies can develop later in life, I also know my body pretty well, and this was something different.

It has taken two months, two steroid inhalers, an albuterol inhaler, acid reflux medication, allergy medication, regular Mucinex DM, a round of heavy-duty antibiotics, and a final round of oral steroids, but I am starting to see vast improvement, at long last.

Of course, some of the improvement could have happened sooner, had we known at the onset what I learned halfway through the treatment cycle — apparently, my body does not handle inhaled steroids OR albuterol well. Lessons learned, and all that.

When I don’t feel well, I let a lot of things slide, and often don’t notice how those little things add up and contribute to my wellness (or lack thereof). I had a bit of a reminder this weekend.

I am of the belief that taking time for hobbies and personal care are a big factor in keeping one’s body and mind in good health. It’s called “self care” for a reason, after all. And, while I was trying to do some self care things these past two months – working on some knitting and sewing – I didn’t keep up with some of the other things that I know make me feel better but often fall by the wayside.

Like laundry. And tidying up. And spending some time with my mother. And seeing friends. And engaging in creative ministry.

This weekend, I got to do a little bit of each of those things. Mom and I went to a Fiber Farmer Market on Saturday morning, Robert and I had a lovely picnic dinner date, I planned a Sunday service that involved prism glasses and silly videos, my friend David came over and we grilled out, and Robert, David and I tried our hands at an edible craft that has been saved on one of my Pinterest boards for some time.

[Robert deemed the craft “Pinterest Plausible,” which is a level we reserve for something that wasn’t as rousing a success as the original Pinterest post, but also does not fall into the category of a fail, either.]

All those things (plus the third day of a course of steroids, I’m sure) contributed to a growing sense of well-being, but there was one additional thing that helped to make the weekend one of healing.

Robert tidied up my basement.

I’ve had a blanket fort set up for some time and had been meaning to break it down (while it makes for a cozy retreat, it also makes the main room downstairs a little cluttered and dark). While I put away groceries and cleaned the dining room table, Robert took it down, put away the tent poles (I take my blanket forts very seriously), and folded all of the sheets.

He also vacuumed much of the basement, put the downstairs living room back in order, cleaned the cat box, and washed and folded several loads of laundry.

So, when I came downstairs after what I already felt was a relaxing and fulfilling weekend, I was greeted with a tiny bit of order in my hectic basement living space, and a part of me that I didn’t realize was out of alignment slide back into place — like tapping a Jenga brick back into its original spot, to rebuild the original tower.

Tonight, I’m thinking of tackling my work table and one of my shelves.


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