Making a List, Checking it Twice

A couple of years ago, I started making spreadsheets to keep track of handmade gifts, holiday events, and pre-holiday chores that needed to be done. Yes, I’m sure that sounds extremely boring for most folks, but it has actually helped me see the progress I’m making — which helps when you’re four days out from Christmas, and you think “I don’t have anything done!” Then, I just check the spreadsheet and think “Oh. Hmm…it appears most of the gifts are done, and I can fudge a little on the laundry afterall, in order to finish x,y,z.”

I’ve actually started my chart early this year, in an attempt to really keep on top of things. This was how I spent my lunch break today. (Don’t worry, I also ate my lunch)

Do you do anything crazy to keep your Christmas making on schedule?


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