And Then There Were Sixteen

That is the number of handmade gifts still on my “To Make” List. I was able to check off the twelfth one last night, around 9:30.

That might seem like a daunting number of handmade items still remaining, and in some ways you might be correct, but I take solace in the knowledge that I’ve now knocked the largest of these items off the list. Comparatively, everything else is small(ish) potatoes. Not that they are any less important. They just shouldn’t result in the sprawling mess that is my work table after finishing the most recent project.

I did take a short break after crossing off the last handmade gift to make something for myself…sort of.

I knocked out a quick little advent calendar. Each pocket is filled with a different kind of tea, all of them culled from our massive selection in the kitchen. We drink a lot of tea in our house, and it’s easy to forget about/overlook some of the options in there. The idea of this advent calendar is to remind us what we have in the kitchen (and maybe clear out some of the ones that have been in there for a while). Each pocket has three tea bags in it, since Mom, Robert and I all drink tea.

Again, since I can’t reveal what I’ve been working on until after Christmas, here is another picture that shouldn’t reveal a whole lot about what I’m working on.

As I continue working my way through the list, I am contemplating adding a few more “to-make” items. These are not as pressing as the others, but rather potential gift items which could also be filled with a similar item from a local small business.

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