Tea’s Up!

If coffee were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, I would not be alarmed. I rarely drink the stuff. When I do, it’s in the rare form of a mocha or similar drink. The disappearance of tea, however, would be a disaster.

I love tea.

Which is fairly obvious to anyone who might stop by my house and ask for a cup. Mom and I have actually, sort of, worn out our electric kettle – in that the mesh screen that came with it completely disintegrated about a year ago.

Such is my love of tea that a “normal” mug or teacup simply won’t do. Unless I’m trying out a new, untested type of tea, my typical cup of tea is generally about three mugs’ worth in size. At home, I have a number of mugs that I deem “acceptable.”

The problem comes when visiting at Robert’s parents’ house. Most of their mugs are on the smaller size, and I find myself having to heat the kettle a couple of times in a normal visit.

That is, of course, until I discovered that they had a teapot.

Of course, the one problem with drinking from a teapot is that teapots have a tendency to cool off. Now, I will still drink my tea, even after it’s gone cold — and, in fact, often prefer to start sipping after it has cooled past what an Englishman might deem “ideal temperature” — but I like to keep it at least a bit warm.

Enter the tea cozy.

I pulled up this Tea Mitten pattern through Ravelry, which looked like it would fit my needs nicely. Namely, it was written for DK weight yarn (which I had in my stash), US4 needles (which I also had), and was not fussy. I didn’t want fancy cables (I haven’t learned how to do them yet) or a pattern that would look weird with the variegated yarn I planned to use. Just something simple and straightforward.

I ended up having to shorten the top part of the pattern, as the teapot I was making it for was not as tall as the one the pattern was written for but, largely, the pattern worked as written.

Robert printed some bone-colored buttons for me the night I finished the cozy. They worked out nicely!

Of course, we had to do an impromptu photo shoot, complete with Macgregor clan teacup!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This simple project falls under two different numbers on my 2018 Make Nine list: Work from Stash and Take Better Pictures. While I can surely do even better in terms of pictures, this one stands out for me by virtue of my actually having taken the time to stage it.

And now, as we finish, here is shot of Alvin, cuddling with me in bed. 

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