Stretch Goals

…because a laundry list of things to make isn’t enough to deal with leading up to a busy travel schedule, I added a few things onto my “To Make” list. A sort of personal “stretch goal,” as it were.

What did I add to my list? (Note: I’ve already finished half of these)

  • RavenCon: Hufflepuff scarf
  • RavenCon: Fix-It Felix shirt and hat for Robert
  • RavenCon: Flotsam/Jetsam wrap
  • Hawaii sun hat for me
  • Hawaii sun hat for Mom
  • Scotland: multi-color stripe socks – 3/4 finished
  • Scotland: double gauze sheep shirt

And how am I doing with my original list so far?

  • NALS Modern Woodland outfit
  • RavenCon: Hufflepuff dress
  • Albuquerque: pants
  • Hawaii swimsuit
  • Hawaii shorts
  • Hawaii swimsuit for Mom
  • Hawaii shirt for Robert
  • Hawaii swimsuit, take 2
  • Scotland sweater – half finished 
  • Scotland pajamas
  • Scotland 1930s dress

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