Holding Pattern

You’re probably wondering if I’m meeting my self-proclaimed travel clothing goals, since it’s largely been radio silence on here.

Well, you can rest assured it’s because I’ve:

  1. been working away at my list
  2. been traveling to far-off places like Hawaii and Albuquerque
  3. added a second contract on to my main one at work, so have been working longer hours here and there

Also, I picked up my new glasses after we got back from Hawaii and discovered, after a two-week trial period (during which I went back to the shop to see if they could be adjusted) learned that I wasn’t imagining things, my eyes really were having a problem with the new lenses. Turns out I’m incredibly light sensitive (I could have told them that, if they’d asked), and so my eyes never adjust to the rimless lenses on my new pair of glasses.

“What does this have to do with sewing?” you ask. Well, part of what was bothering me was my right eye’s inability to focus on anything after about 4pm in the afternoon, leading to a serious wall-eyed sensation, coupled with watering of said right eye. The whole process made me so. tired. I couldn’t function as well in the evenings. Thus, some of the evening sewing got put on the back-burner. But I think I’m still on target.

I’ve got a few updates that are coming, as soon as I finish taking/uploading the pictures for them. For now, though…here’s how I’m doing (stretch goals are indented):

  • modern Woodland dress
  • Hufflepuff Dress
    • Hufflepuff scarf
    • Flotsam and Jetsam stole
    • Fix-it Felix shirt
  • Albuquerque jeans
  • pineapple shirt for Robert
  • swimsuit for me
  • swimsuit for Mom – finished, but didn’t work out
  • aloha shorts
    • sunhat for me
    • sunhat for Mom
    • rash guard for Robert
    • rash guard for Robert
    • rash guard for Mom
  • Carbeth sweater – half finished
  • Dalmore House pajamas
  • 1930s dress
    • double-gauze sheep shirt
    • hand-knit striped socks – half finished

As you can see, I’m plugging along quite well. I’ve even had some time to work on a few projects not on this list…because only making things that are already on this list would probably be too much to bear!

For now, enjoy this picture of the pair of socks I am finishing up for Robert’s father. 

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