I Ain’t Afraid of No Halloweenie Roast

Now that I’m done with my whirlwind travels (or, at least until the next out-of-town meeting I have to do for work) and my long list of travel makes (which, I promise, have been written about and are now just awaiting decent photos), it’s time to turn my attention to holiday making!

Of course, I’m not just talking about the usual list of Handmade Christmas gift items. Oh no. I mean, I have started that spreadsheet and already have a couple of Christmas gifts underway, but that’s not the first holiday on the list, is it?

We’re in September now, so it’s about time to think about brilliantly colored leaves and apple cider and pies and jack-o-lanterns and butternut squash soup and all of the other wonderful things that accompany my favorite season of the year…FALL! Of course, you wouldn’t know it’s time to think about these things by the temperature outside. We’ve been dealing with a bit of a heat wave, mixed with buckets of rain — though not necessarily from the recent hurricane that hit further south. It was in the high 90s (with a heat index that makes it feel like 105 outside) for several weeks, and we only just yesterday started getting weather that fell more appropriate for mid-to-late September.

I’ve been planning a slew of Halloween crafts, in preparation for my 2nd Annual Halloweenie Roast. I feel like I pulled last year’s event together rather well, considering I think I only had two weeks to get everything ready. This year, I’m giving myself a month and a half to get the house in order, make an actual new costume (I’ve had my idea for a few months), and put together a few surprises.

Since some of my friends have kidlings, and since I know getting childcare can be difficult and expensive, we try to make the Halloweenie Roast a kid-friendly affair. This works perfectly with my usual aesthetic, as I’m not a big fan of gore and hardcore horror. I mean, I like some spookiness, but it’s a fine line between “ooo, mildly creepy” and “oh jeez, five people found it so gross and realistic that they’ve called the police and now I’m being questioned about my decorations.”

Well, maybe not a fine line. I feel like there’s a few steps in between those two, but you get my point.

This is much more my style!

Anyway, last year we made sure the upstairs bathroom was kid-friendly, while the downstairs bathroom was kitted out in slightly more spooky decor. This year, since I have about a month and a half to work on things, I’m planning some new additions to all three decoration areas: the outside fire pit area, upstairs living area (including the upstairs bathroom), and the downstairs hang-out area (including the downstairs bathroom).

I’ve decided the upstairs area is going to have a Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts theme to it, along with coloring stations and the movies playing on the television.

I haven’t settled on a specific look for the downstairs area, yet, but I’ve found a couple of new crafts to make for it and I’ve got some ideas.

The plan, as it was last year, is to make a suitably Halloween-y environment without breaking the bank. I made a few things last year out of dollar store finds, picked up a few others from the local second-hand shops, and used/re-purposed items we already had for others. That’s pretty much the same plan this year, with perhaps one or two brand-new purchases.

Last year, we made a new purchase of a skeleton-coming-out-of-the-ground decoration set (Robert bought it for me… 😀 isn’t he sweet?) that doubled nicely as a ring-toss game. This year, I’m pondering buying one of these fellows.

Over last weekend, while relaxing at home in a semi-self-imposed “take it easy” break from the world, I organized my Halloween craft supplies and knocked out a couple of distressed spell books for the “Restricted Section” of the library/apothecary cabinet we are making upstairs.

A sneak-peek at some of my Halloween crafts

I’m about halfway finished with them, and plan to finish the rest of them this weekend.

If you have ideas for neat additions to either the kid-friendly Harry Potter floor or the slightly spookier basement decor, I’d love to hear them!

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