Old Town Hallows Eve

I know it’s been radio silence over here, as I worked on a bunch of Halloween props and decorations for our annual Halloweenie Roast, as well as tap danced madly around some pretty major life changes that have happened – all of them over the course of about two weeks. (More on that in another post)

For now, I’d like to share a bit of the scenery around town with you. I work in the heart of Old Town, which really seems to be made for autumn (and Halloween especially). There are a bunch of old warehouses and town homes and historic sites, and the brick walkways are all crooked and worn and not-at-all even due to the roots of the old trees, and the town has retained the original cobblestone streets and brick-and-stone alleys in some areas — which makes for an interesting commute when the ground is icy, or your car doesn’t have the best suspension.

I think there must be a decoration competition in some of the neighborhoods, as I noticed some of the houses had Instagram and twitter hashtags, as well as numbers assigned to them. Personally, I don’t know how I would go about voting which of these are the best. I love the classy, understated decorations just as much as the over-the-top ones.

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As for the Halloweenie Roast…the weather cooperated the best it could and it stopped raining early Saturday morning, so the ground was able to dry up a bit before people came over. We had a small group, but everyone who came dressed up and got their fill of hot dogs and candy. And the decorations came together well.

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I love Halloween and decorating for the season, and we’ll have a brand new “canvas” to decorate next year, but…I’m debating whether to hold it again next year. Perhaps it’s time to move on.

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