What To Do In the Meantime

So, that last post was a bit of a downer. Not that I’m sorry about it. Life is full of both the joys and the sorrows, and I think it’s a mistake to avoid talking about tough situations and topics.

That being said, this post will likely be a lot cheerier. With pictures! (instead of medical scans!)

The combination of my recent back issues, Robert’s illness, and some seriously ridiculous weather (yesterday was in the high 60s…last week, we were in the single digits at times) has meant that we haven’t been able to move more things over from my old place to the new house. It’s also meant I couldn’t really unpack too much that I had brought over.

Mostly because we’re still missing some of the furniture we need, to unpack things on, because [see above].

Of course, our inability to move and unpack things has meant one great thing…we’ve been enjoying the house a little more, as it is. I mean, in retrospect, things are pretty good at the moment. We’ve got the most important pieces of furniture – bed, couches, dining room table, a few dining room chairs and, most importantly, bookcases!

I’ve been enjoying lounging on the couches, under a big heap of warm blankets. As have the cats.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trust me…there are more pictures of the cats sitting in/on warm blankets and beds. This only scratches the surface, and this is only from about a single week.

Interspersed with the couch hibernation, there has been a little bit of home-making.

Making bread!

Organizing bookcases!

Purchasing new, used bookcase, that matches the other ones! (and having them delivered by the secondhand store)

Making a pantry out of an unused coat closet in the kitchen (nevermind why there was a coat closet in the kitchen), and filling it with ingredients! (Robert made the pantry, I filled it)

Our new pantry!

I picked these up from the same store where we got our giant, oak bookcases – different vendor, though. Robert put a really bright LED bulb in them, and they look SO GOOD in the front living room and hallway!

Finding the perfect thrift store finds for the house!

[So, an aside about that cake plate/dome combo and the trifle dish…About a week or so before we closed on the house, I went out thrift store shopping with Mom. My goal: to find a plain glass cake stand and dome. No fluting, no bas relief, nothing fancy. Plain. It ended up being harder than anticipated at the time. Everything we found was a little fancier than I wanted. Finally, I found this one at a charity shop over in Falls Church. It was exactly what I was looking for. Fast forward about two and a half months, and I decided I also wanted to find a plain glass trifle bowl. And I wanted to get it secondhand. I figured it was going to be a real long-shot. I mean, it’s just not that common of an item, these days, is it? I looked at several of my usual places. The last stop was the Annandale Treasure Trove – a charity shop that benefits Inova hospice. Lo and behold, there were two options. The other one was slightly bigger, but also fancier, and this one was exactly what I had in mind. If you notice…it matches the cake stand I picked up from another shop. They have the same base. Perfect!]

Making adorable breakfast!

Making placemats! (still underway)

Knitting a new Hufflepuff-inspired sweater! (still underway: pattern is the Easy Bulky One, by Joji Locatelli)




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