DragonCon 2013, Continued

Before I start writing about the last half of my Dragon Con 2013 experiences, I forgot to mention one of the coolest parts of Friday evening. When I was talking with the trio about face casting, I noticed a Doctor Who-themed family, making some late-evening fixes to their Cassandra prop (which was absolutely fantastic). Most … Continue reading DragonCon 2013, Continued


The Great Southern Trek – aka Heading to DragonCon 2013

Wednesday This year's trip to Atlanta began with throwing my back out, as I had previously mentioned. Wednesday morning was filled with excruciating pain, assistance from a much loved and wonderful man, and trying to drive to work with as little jostling as possible. Not long into my workday, it became apparent that this wasn't … Continue reading The Great Southern Trek – aka Heading to DragonCon 2013

Costumes, ho!

Okay. After what I am going to refer to as a "re-building" year, in terms of my costuming, I finally feel ready to start looking ahead and get back to doing some regular construction. The basement of my place - where I live - is slowly starting to get de-cluttered, and it looks like I … Continue reading Costumes, ho!