DragonCon 2013, Continued

Before I start writing about the last half of my Dragon Con 2013 experiences, I forgot to mention one of the coolest parts of Friday evening. When I was talking with the trio about face casting, I noticed a Doctor Who-themed family, making some late-evening fixes to their Cassandra prop (which was absolutely fantastic). Most … Continue reading DragonCon 2013, Continued

The Great Southern Trek – aka Heading to DragonCon 2013

Wednesday This year's trip to Atlanta began with throwing my back out, as I had previously mentioned. Wednesday morning was filled with excruciating pain, assistance from a much loved and wonderful man, and trying to drive to work with as little jostling as possible. Not long into my workday, it became apparent that this wasn't … Continue reading The Great Southern Trek – aka Heading to DragonCon 2013

Holding Places

Hey folks! I'm back from Atlanta (I technically got back VERY early Tuesday morning), and have started the process to recovery from this year's convention. I had to work Tuesday morning, so I haven't really had a chance to sit down, go through my notes, and figure out what to report on for this year, … Continue reading Holding Places

Come Fly With Me

Shoe covers, dragon horns, and a few other flotsam and jetsam...that's what's on my list of things-still-yet-to-do, at the moment. Yesterday was quite productive. I finished sewing all the little dragon claws while at work, but didn't get a chance to sew them onto the hands and feet for Toothless. Much of yesterday was spent … Continue reading Come Fly With Me