And the winner is…

The winning entrant for the most recent contest is listed below. In addition to including a pick-up line, the winner provided a story of "geek romance." Thanks to "Cassandra" for entering. I really am not quite sure how to start writing this, or what to even include here. I know that you had mentioned about … Continue reading And the winner is…


Looking for love in Alderaan places

A few months ago, I was chatting online with a friend of mine who lives out in California (hey there, Angelica!). We were discussing what it's like to be a single geek in the crazy ol' world of dating. I shared some anecdotes of previous dates with her: the one that lasted exactly an hour … Continue reading Looking for love in Alderaan places

Light-Speed Dating and (ahem) “other” activities

We leave for Dragon*Con on Thursday of this coming week. There's a little geek inside of me, singing and dancing around, bouncing off the walls, unable to control her excitement at being back amongst her people. If only I could harness her energy to finish everything. 🙂 That's right, I've still got a few things … Continue reading Light-Speed Dating and (ahem) “other” activities