Three Things

I've been busily working on a couple of different projects -- Christmas presents! Bridesmaid dress! Halloween costume! -- but haven't stopped to take pictures of any of them yet (and probably can't share any on the Christmas present front, anyway). I hope to have get a couple of shots of the finished bridesmaid dress, as … Continue reading Three Things


Updates on the ‘Do

The To-Do List, that is. The list now looks like this: Robert's green chambray V8889 - FINISHED Oakley slouch hat (crochet) in "Mermaid Musings" colorway, from A Treehugger's Wife Yarn - halfway finished Lizard shawl (crochet) - finishing tonight Caterpillar Mitts (knitting)- FINISHED Nessie (crochet) - FINISHED Lost Souls shawl (crochet) - this would have been done long ago, but … Continue reading Updates on the ‘Do