It’s too hot to think of witty titles

The heat has been ridiculous this summer. Which seems unfair, because the weather was remarkably cool and mild for far longer than it usually is. Case in point: Temps in May were often in the 50s and 60s, and we even had a string of 60° (F) days in June when we're usually solidly in "sweaty, … Continue reading It’s too hot to think of witty titles


Updates on the ‘Do

The To-Do List, that is. The list now looks like this: Robert's green chambray V8889 - FINISHED Oakley slouch hat (crochet) in "Mermaid Musings" colorway, from A Treehugger's Wife Yarn - halfway finished Lizard shawl (crochet) - finishing tonight Caterpillar Mitts (knitting)- FINISHED Nessie (crochet) - FINISHED Lost Souls shawl (crochet) - this would have been done long ago, but … Continue reading Updates on the ‘Do