Forest Bathing and Sermon Writing

Last Saturday, Robert and I headed out to Riverbend Park - he to break in his new kayak, and me to check out the bluebells and other assorted wildflowers. While there are a number of aspects to the festival - musicians, food trucks, puppet shows (puppet shows!), and talks on animals, plants, and "Terrific Turtles," … Continue reading Forest Bathing and Sermon Writing


A Little Bit of Healing

I have been sick for about two months now - mostly coughing (which is putting it mildly), with some congestion and a little bit of soreness in my throat from time to time. Most folks automatically assume it is allergies or asthma...despite my insistence that it is not. This is not allergies. While I admit … Continue reading A Little Bit of Healing

Updates on the ‘Do

The To-Do List, that is. The list now looks like this: Robert's green chambray V8889 - FINISHED Oakley slouch hat (crochet) in "Mermaid Musings" colorway, from A Treehugger's Wife Yarn - halfway finished Lizard shawl (crochet) - finishing tonight Caterpillar Mitts (knitting)- FINISHED Nessie (crochet) - FINISHED Lost Souls shawl (crochet) - this would have been done long ago, but … Continue reading Updates on the ‘Do