Minoan Culture vs. Sam Witwer

A quick tally has revealed that “Sam Witwer” has been surpassed by “minoan clothing” and its many variations upon a theme as the number one search term that has been leading folks around to this blog. Sam’s still pretty high, with 130 hits, but all things minoan have, so far, brought in 375. Just goes to show you…ancient fashion can apparently surpass a gorgeous specimen of a man. At least in internet searches.

There weren’t too many terms this time around that had me raising a questionable eyebrow. There were things like “I quilt scarlet and gray,” which brought a smile to my face. I liked that people were looking for “steampunk bumblebee” (I’d like to see that, as well) and “padme wearing a body cast.” Two hits came through from someone looking for pictures of Gabriel’s pants from Constantine. By the by, Maggie’s version of that costume is still the ONLY one I’ve ever seen walking around at a convention. This surprises me, as it’s such an amazing design.

Now, while I said there weren’t many search terms that made me scratch my head, that’s not to say there weren’t any. My two favorites were: “roli nerf gun contest yes maybe never mind not in it hes being bad” and “i have head flakes and it is all dried up and stuck on my head.”

In regards to the first…what? I don’t even know why that is being typed in as a full search term, let alone why it linked to me (beyond the mention of nerf guns and contests) and why it would’ve been clicked on twice.

As for the second…ew. Ew. Ewwww. I’m sorry, person. Head flakes (which I’m assuming are referring to dandruff) are not fun, certainly, and I imagine the fact that they are dried up and stuck on your head is cause for no small amount of worry, not to mention derision by those around you who might be a wee bit mean spirited. But WHY in the name of ZEUS are you looking for answers here? And why did Google or Bing or whatever search engine see fit to navigate someone looking that up over here? Ah, the mysteries of the internet.

The search term that takes the cake for laugh-out-loud awesomeness was “braaaaains.” Yes, zombies themselves might be more than a little troublesome, but zombie-related search terms are wonderful fun.

That’s it for search terms, this time around. If you’re wondering what’s up with my Dragon*Con costume list, it is coming along fine. I’ve been working on a couple of different pieces, and I should have pictures and descriptions and various tales of costuming woe, heartbreak and triumph up pretty soon.

FYI…there’s not really been any woe and heartbreak.

You’re searching for WHAT?

It’s time, once again, for my favorite non-costume topic-that’s-still-sort-of-related-to-costumes-but-not-really-only-insofar-as-it-relates-to-this-blog topic.

That’s right, friends and strangers. It’s time for another look at the search terms that have brought people here from Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Bing or whatever other search engines are out there. (On a sidenote…is Lycos even still a functioning search engine? I know I haven’t used it in forever. I’ll have to google it later and see. And yes, I grasp the irony of that situation.)

I took a gander at the Most Popular Search Terms of All Time (at least, as far as they pertain to my site) and was surprised to learn that Pennywise – the psycho clown from It – has edged out Sam Witwer as the biggest draw of folks to Nerf Guns and Bobbins. Even when I add in all the variations of the Sam Witwer search terms (people who spell his name wrong, folks who are specifically typing in “sam witwer shirtless,” etc.), Pennywise draws in more. I find this more than mildly disturbing, not least because Sam Witwer is far more fun to look at than Pennywise. Unless you’re turned on by that whole needlepoint-teeth look, and then…whatever floats your boat.

There were a couple of search terms from today (Sunday) that I enjoyed. The first was “return of the jedi tennis shoe scene.” Two visits were logged contributed to this search term. I can only assume – until, once again, I hit Google myself – that there is a scene in Return of the Jedi in which someone is visibly wearing tennis shoes. You can rest assured that I will be checking this out, myself.

I think the best search term from today was simply “puppets with guns.” I get a wonderful image in my head of movies like Taxi Driver or The Godfather, only cast with puppets instead of live actors. I haven’t the slightest idea why someone’s looking up “puppets with guns,” or whether or not they were intrigued by what they found here, but I hope they got some sort of enjoyment. I mean, you kind of want to stay on the good side of the kind of person who’s searching for information or pictures of puppets with guns, don’t you?

There was a random search term yesterday that simply read “with a beachball.” I was left wondering “What with a beach ball?” Playing with a beach ball? Eating with a beach ball? Making out with a beachball? It took me forever to even think of an entry here that had anything to do with a beach ball. Then I remembered the first con post for Dragon*Con 2010. If you remember, there were beach balls being batted across the room where we were all waiting in the pre-registration lines.

The longest search term entered recently was “castaway sign on fedex bos that delivers at the end.” There were two hits from that. I giggle – just a bit – when I consider clicking on the link to this site meant people were confronted by a photo of my sister dressed as Wilson the volleyball. That image never ceases to make me chuckle, and I hope the same is true for others.

There were two clicks from the term “stoned angels.” Not “stone angels,” mind you – though they may very well have been trying to type that in. They didn’t, though. They typed in “stoned angels.” I just thought back to Dogma and found myself wondering – angels were forbidden (in that movie) from imbibing in alcohol, so as to avoid any future indiscretions…would the same ban be extended to other mind-and-mood-altering elements, I wonder?

Hands down, the best search term was the following: “Guy wearing only a sock.”

Oh dear.

I really do wonder sometimes about the folks who stumble across this blog. I’m quite sure that entries about conventions and puppets and how to fashion a bitching pair of wings out of foam and old wire coat hangers was not what the person who typed that term into Google expected to be diverted to.

I don’t even know where I would rank on the list of links that gets pulled up under that search term. I mean, I can’t possibly be at the top. I don’t remember writing about men wearing only a sock. Granted, I’ve professed my admiration for scantily clad men who vaguely resemble Spartan soldiers, and pasties have been mentioned here from time to time. But, to my recollection, I haven’t talked about people only wearing socks.

And, of course, it begs the question…where exactly is this man wearing the sock? Keep in mind, of course, that the search term only mentions him having the one. Is it on his foot? Or is it the only thing keeping his all-togethers from being all together? And why did two people click on a link for that item that led to my site? (Or, one person click the same link twice, which seems a bit odder) Questions to ponder.

Search Terms 3.0 and Popular Posts

I’ve been wandering over to my dashboard here on wordpress this past week and a half – that’s the part of the site where I can sit back and manage everything – and I’ve noticed a little something…people out there in internet-land are going absolutely BONKERS over fluffy wedding dresses. 

Apparently there’s a rush for fluffy dress pictures and articles that I am completely in the dark about. In the past week alone, the entry “Root Beer and Fluffy Dresses” has gotten 17 hits. I find it kind of surprising, as that entry is about…well, making root beer and watching a movie with a fluffy dress. There’s nothing in it about making a fluffy dress. Just watching a movie with one in it. Well, and wanting to try on said fluffy dress. I’ll admit to that. 

I went over to the stats for the individual posts, just for funsies, to see how many times the root beer and fluffy dresses post has been read. 60 times people. 60 TIMES! It’s currently tied with “Retro vs. Vintage, & Rockabilly Trends” for the most-read post. Of course, the numbers are a wee bit skewed, simply because “Home Page” counts as a post. That one, by the way, still holds the record, at 1,121 hits. Of course, it’s kind of an all-encompassing page. 

Other mentions for popular posts are: Escape to Farpoint: Con Report Day 1 (47); The Woman Behind the Machine (26); Let Your Geek Flag Fly (22); and All Points Far: Farpoint Con Report #2 (21). I think it’s interesting that the first Farpoint con report has garnered twice as many visits as the second one, despite the second one having a whole section devoted to the number one draw to the site, via search terms. 

Once again, I’m amused by some of the search terms people have been typing in to Google, Bing, and whatnot that lead them over here. “Colonial period sunglasses” had six recently, which makes sense, as I got a comment/question about where to find them recently. Sadly, the last time I checked, the store in Williamsburg was still looking for a new distributor to carry them. 

Sam Witwer has, once again, drawn more people here. I really should start paying him some sort of royalty or something. Four people typed his name into a search engine recently and came over here – bringing his total draw of people to NGB up to 13. Impressive. Most impressive. (Yes, I know that’s Darth Vader’s line, not Starkiller’s. No need to nitpick.) 

“Really fluffy wedding dresses” and “really fluffy dresses” both brought in 2 visitors. And there were a bunch of other variations on that theme. 

Someone typed in “nerf gun cosmetics,” which has me kind of confused as to what, exactly, they are looking for. There was also a search for “last night on alderaan” (which I’m looking forward to attending again this year at Dragon*Con!), and a search for ” ‘tristan lock’ longboard.” Yay! My friend Tristan has made it into a mention in Search Terms! 

Even Cthulu is bringing people to my blog. That’s right. Someone looked up Cthulu and popped over here. 

And now…my two favorite search terms this time around: “Felicia Day feet” – which made me laugh and go “What the hell, people?!” and “uva nerf gun university.” As with the nerf gun cosmetics search, I’m not all that sure what people are trying to pull up with that last search, but I assure you…if there were a nerf gun university, I’d want to attend! 

My veritable arsenal of nerf weaponry. Okay, okay, so some of them aren't Nerf. Like that marshmallow popper in the lower right-hand corner. I'm STILL prepared.



And now it’s time once again for everybody’s favorite topic category — Search Terms!

The big one the other day that caught my attention was “harris teeter carries root beer extract.” LIES! It’s all lies, I tell you! Maybe their Harris Teeter carries root beer extract but the ones I’ve checked here in the Northern Virginia area don’t. Nobody does. It’s impossible to find any. Which reminds me…I need to order some from Lehmans.com. I’ve been having a hankering for home-made root beer lately and Maggie and I have been too scared to open up the remaining five bottles from the last time we made it. Just a quick note here – if you go about making your own home-made root beer, remember to leave a good bit of room in the bottle and make sure you don’t put too much yeast in the mix. We made both mistakes and we’ve managed to lose two bottles that way, not to mention hose down both Maggie’s kitchen and her grandparents’ dining room with root beer. I’ll tell you now, it’s a bit of a challenge getting root beer out of antique chairs and carpets. Oops!

Speaking of root beer, there was another search term that caught my eye: root beer wedding.

I don’t even know what that means. Is it used as a vital part of the ceremony? You know, the bride and groom, instead of kissing or lighting a candle shoot root beer off the balcony…Maybe it’s just used as the basis for the color palette? I have no idea. I’m curious as to why the person combined those things in a search.

There was one for “nerf gun cake.” Now, I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of cake in general. Occasionally I’ll eat a piece but that’s more out of showing support for someone than an actual desire to eat said cake. That being said, if someone made me a birthday cake that looked like a nerf gun? That person would be the most awesome person ever! I’m sure they don’t make cake pans that look like nerf guns, so you know it’d have to be hand carved and whatnot, like the folks on Ace of Cakes. Oo! OO! It could be make out of rice krispies! I know that’s a technique they use when they have to sculpt big things, like dogs. I wouldn’t mind eating a rice krispies cake that looked like a nerf gun.

Two people came to the site by typing in “fairfax town center joann,” and it kind of makes me feel bad for the people who are working in the store out there – if you remember, that entry was a rant. Oh well.

I liked the presence of “tights on the head” in the search term list, as well as “thumping under feet in car.” I liked the first simply because it was simple. I liked the second because it has nothing to do with the actual problem of hearing a thumping noise from under your feet in the car. Ha ha! Take that, search engines!

Okay folks, that’s it for now. I’m going to go take a nap to rest up for the culminating event of the week that has been “GRADUATION!” I plan to put up a new post tomorrow – something actually costume-related. It’ll have pictures! Woohoo!

Search Terms, Revisted

Just because they tickle me, I’ve decided to continue collecting and presenting some of the funny and interesting search terms that bring people here to my blog.

So far, good old Sam Witwer has brought folks here a total of five times. “Dead Zone Verizon” = 5 times. Three people have entered the whole original site address (nerfgunbobbins.wordpress.com) and clicked over three times – which I think is interesting…why not just type the actual address into the address part of the web browser?

There are two links from the search term “nerf culture,” which I’ve actually highlighted and set aside for a future topic. Two people also typed in “farpoint nerf bobbin.” I don’t remember telling anyone at Farpoint the name of the blog, but I could be mistaken. There are three clicks from “hulk smash and dragon con”, one from “kung fu panda nerf gun” and one from “raquel welch was she using peel patches.” I find that last search term the most amusing and confusing. I don’t believe I’ve ever written about Raquel Welch or peel patches on here. So how did that search term, in particular, bring someone to Nerf Guns and Bobbins? A quick look-see over on Google didn’t come up with my blog’s link. Perhaps someone was using another search engine, like bing, ask, or yahoo. I really only use Google for my web searches so I really don’t know if the other ones pull up the blog more often from random search terms.

There was another search term I saw the other day that made me laugh but, unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere in my little monitoring area here on wordpress. I know I jotted it down on a note but I’ve currently misplaced it. Hopefully I’ll find it soon.

Search Terms

I don’t know how much most of you know about the whole wordpress setup. I’ve actually got two blogs through this site (the other is related to a podcast I do with a friend) and so I’m on here pretty regularly. Even when I wasn’t posting while writing my thesis I tried to pop on at least weekly to check on everything – you know, moderate the occasional spam comment, keep tabs on readership. That kind of thing.

One of the really cool things you can do with WordPress is monitor what kinds of search terms have brought people over from their respective search engines. There’s a little box off to one side that lists general search terms that tend to be popular. Most of these tend to be centered around the new nerf gun models out that year. There is also a small section that lists the top search terms for that day, and how many people each term brought over.

When I checked that particular box early this morning I got a pretty good chuckle. The first item on the list was “Mudd sorcery boots,” which brought over two people. Listed just below that – still with two hits – was the search term “Mark Singer crotch.”

I don’t know what I find funnier…that my blog is the second thing listed when you type that into Google or that it brought two people over to my site. You do realize what that means, right? That means there are at least two people out there who randomly decided to Google Mark Singer’s crotch. Even now I find myself giggling.

Other top searches for that day were “Shakespeare ‘you, sir, are an ass’,” “Shore Leave bad experience,” and “why do my zippers look so bad when I sew?” That last one made me laugh as well. I wondered the same thing so many times. It was interesting that I was the top listing for both the Shakespeare and Shore Leave search terms.

It really makes you think about the kinds of things we Google every day. It also makes you wonder why anyone was Googling Mark Singer’s crotch in the first place. Were they looking for pictures? Trying to find something that referenced Sam Witwer’s comments at Farpoint? Just goofing off? Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll ever know. For me to know, one of those two people would have to leave a comment here and explain why they typed those words in particular into the search engine.

Anyhoo, one of the other really cool things that WordPress does is help a blog owner know which posts have been read the most often. There’s another little box that will pop up under the recordings of the day’s hits that’ll list which posts have been read that day and how many times. It’s kind of helpful, as it reinforces the results of the search term data and, by seeing what tends to pull folks over from places like Google and Yahoo, I can get a better idea of what most random visitors are looking for when they swing by.

That little box doesn’t tell me one thing, though. It doesn’t tell me what my usual readers are looking for. I’ve put up a poll before to get some feedback and there’ve been three votes (and yes, Tristan, I see you want more robot suits featured in the blog. I’ll have to find someplace to fit that in). The poll only covers a few vague categories, though.

I’d like to ask a favor of you folks. At the bottom of each blog entry is a little bar of stars. I think there are five. If there is a particular entry that you like more than any other – something you think was especially useful or interesting, or even just kind of funny – could you go ahead and rate it? I won’t drop all my other plans and focus on just creating similar posts or covering just a few topics but knowing which entries are helpful or popular gives me feedback that I can use to make this blog that much better for all of you.