Minoan Culture vs. Sam Witwer

A quick tally has revealed that "Sam Witwer" has been surpassed by "minoan clothing" and its many variations upon a theme as the number one search term that has been leading folks around to this blog. Sam's still pretty high, with 130 hits, but all things minoan have, so far, brought in 375. Just goes … Continue reading Minoan Culture vs. Sam Witwer


You’re searching for WHAT?

It's time, once again, for my favorite non-costume topic-that's-still-sort-of-related-to-costumes-but-not-really-only-insofar-as-it-relates-to-this-blog topic. That's right, friends and strangers. It's time for another look at the search terms that have brought people here from Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Bing or whatever other search engines are out there. (On a sidenote...is Lycos even still a functioning search engine? I know I … Continue reading You’re searching for WHAT?


And now it's time once again for everybody's favorite topic category -- Search Terms! The big one the other day that caught my attention was "harris teeter carries root beer extract." LIES! It's all lies, I tell you! Maybe their Harris Teeter carries root beer extract but the ones I've checked here in the Northern … Continue reading Googleable