Scruffy Nerf-herders

Hello friends and faithful readers. Yes, I'm still alive. Once again, it's been a while. We all know how life can sometimes grab hold of you like a wild dog and just shake and shake and shake until you're either dead or so rattled that you can't think straight. Such a thing has sort of … Continue reading Scruffy Nerf-herders

The perils of blogging (or, “Meg’s a creepy creeper”)

When I started blogging (two years ago! Still can't believe it!), I hunted around a bit for other, similar blogs. I was looking for writings out in the great wide world of the interwebs that dealt with costumes and sewing and all the other manner of sub-topics I like to write about here. The idea … Continue reading The perils of blogging (or, “Meg’s a creepy creeper”)