Holding Pattern

You're probably wondering if I'm meeting my self-proclaimed travel clothing goals, since it's largely been radio silence on here. Well, you can rest assured it's because I've: been working away at my list been traveling to far-off places like Hawaii and Albuquerque added a second contract on to my main one at work, so have … Continue reading Holding Pattern


A-Traveling We Will Go

This year is shaping up to be another Year of Travel. I'll be heading to Minnesota in a week to present at the Native American Literature Symposium, followed by a trip to Williamsburg in April for RavenCon (I'm a guest!), traveling to Albuquerque for a work meeting in early May, a week-long trip to Hawaii … Continue reading A-Traveling We Will Go

Gee Haw!

No, that's not me mistyping "yee haw." That's me still excited about a little outing I just got back from. I went to Alaska for a work trip last week. It's the second one to Alaska in three months, which just seems incredible to me. I have a personal goal of making it to all … Continue reading Gee Haw!