Heart Felt

November 14 was the fourth installment of the foundation's textile workshops. So far, we've covered spinning, natural dyes, and weaving (which was sort of a bust). This month's focus was felting, with a project emphasis on wet felting and knit felting (pretty much the same as wet felting, but done with a finished knit/crochet/woven item, … Continue reading Heart Felt

News from the Three Fates: Dyeing Workshop

[Before I go any further, I'll explain the title. Recently, I've taken over running Stitch 'n Time - the textile club at work. I am one of three people, actually, who oversee its budgeting, coordinating meeting topics and projects, and keeping track of our inventory of equipment and finished items to sell. Seeing as how … Continue reading News from the Three Fates: Dyeing Workshop

Come Fly With Me

Shoe covers, dragon horns, and a few other flotsam and jetsam...that's what's on my list of things-still-yet-to-do, at the moment. Yesterday was quite productive. I finished sewing all the little dragon claws while at work, but didn't get a chance to sew them onto the hands and feet for Toothless. Much of yesterday was spent … Continue reading Come Fly With Me