Dragon*Con 2010 Con Report #4: Sunday

::cautiously pokes head around the corner:: Um. Hello. I'm finally back to finish up the long-awaited con reports for Sunday and Monday of Dragon*Con. Okay, so I only know for sure that they've been long-awaited by a select few people but, judging from the numbers of hits I've had over the past few weeks a … Continue reading Dragon*Con 2010 Con Report #4: Sunday

Dragon*Con 2009 Report #8 – Sum up, Hotel and “How’d we miss THAT?!”

At last. We've finally come to the last Dragon*Con post. This one is a tad bit different from the past entries, though. I'll be talking a bit about the costumes from Dragon*Con but these are costumes that we didn't see. At all. At least, not in person. These are the costumes (and other things) that we somehow managed not to see in the four days that we were there.