Up Among the Bloomin’ Heather

I've got so much catching up to do, in terms of the things I finished off my "travel to-make" list. Everything's all sewn up...I just didn't have pictures of anything. This week, my goal is to post something every day, just to get them out into the ether, once and for all. First up: the … Continue reading Up Among the Bloomin’ Heather

Seafoam and flamingos

...two things I don't typically wear. I mean, I wear green, but notĀ seafoam green. I don't know many people who do, outside of Miami Vice re-runs and kitschy Florida restaurants. But that is where I find myself with today's make. This was my first item for Tribute Month, and my second installment of the Cashemerette … Continue reading Seafoam and flamingos