Dragon*Con 2010 report #3: Saturday

Saturday started much earlier than I wanted it to. Especially since my body had woken me up at 4am for some strange reason and didn't let me get back to sleep for almost an hour. I actually can't tell you what time I got up on Saturday morning, as my eyes were too bleary and … Continue reading Dragon*Con 2010 report #3: Saturday

Dragon*Con 2009 Report #2 – Day Two: Parade

<-- crowd waiting to watch the DragonCon parade The best way to ease you into what the Saturday morning parade was like is to quote one of the bumpers from the DCTVprogramming last weekend "We have a parade that marches like Sherman through Atlanta." Now, although I recognize that Sherman's march through Georgia - and … Continue reading Dragon*Con 2009 Report #2 – Day Two: Parade